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Medford, Oregon Reviews

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Nice to visit but not a great place to live - 11/30/2021
Our family moved to Medford in early 2017 and we cannot wait to leave.

Every summer since we arrived has been filled with oppressive and persistent smoke to the point that we have to wear respirators if we want to go outdoors without risking our health. We apparently get an inversion layer over the valley that traps the smoke in. Air quality monitors during these seasons are often well over hazardous levels. Sometimes the smoke lasts for weeks or longer at a time; then when we do get a reprieve, it is only a temporary one before the wind shifts and it settles back in. Even with the best air filters and aircon filters, you can still smell the smoke in the house and it causes symptoms for all of us in our household. As avid gardeners and outdoorsy people, the inability to enjoy the outdoors all summer and often into the fall is horrid.

With all the local hemp farms, it always smells like skunks in the otherwise pretty fall evenings now - another thing that Read More

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Medford is a Lovely Town to Nestle Into and Enjoy - 9/4/2021
My husband and I semi-retired here in 2014 after considering several around the same size in terms of population. We love the four seasons here as well as the gorgeous surrounding mountains as well as the easy proximity to the coast. Everything in Medford is about a 10 to 15 minutes drive away. We looked for homes in Ashland but they were extremely expensive for a small home so we broadened our search to southwest Medford and found a gorgeous 3-bedroom home on a half acre of land, which we landscaped for privacy. Jacksonville is only 15 minutes away; Ashland 25 minutes. We found it easy to make new friends here, which we deeply appreciate. There is as much or as little to do as you wish. We tend to enjoy cooking and having friends over but there are some delicious restaurants, too, like La Reyna Monarcha in Medford and Kobe in Ashland — two of our favs. Medford has a GREAT airport when we want to visit friends plus it’s a fun drive trip to the San Francisco Bay Area (5 hours) or Read More

Kiss the ground in Medford - 6/15/2021
We have lived here for 12 years now and find it to be a great place to live. When I read a post that blames Trump for the homeless population and how, "things will be better since he is no longer president"... I dismiss the foolish comment as coming from someone who depends heavily on the government for their living while dismissing the fact that Medford, Phoenix and Talent had devastating fires last summer, leaving thousands without housing. Try living in Portland for about 3 days... you will kiss the ground when you return to Read More

Grateful to be leaving my home of several decades - 2/1/2021
I moved to Medford in 1978, so I've seen the city evolve. I raised my children here.
I moved to Grants Pass a year ago, and cannot believe the change in Medford since then. I feel I need to warn potential residents, esp those who plan on raising kiddos here. Much has changed in just the past 12 months since I left.
Drive between Central Point and the south Medford exit of the freeway now, and enjoy the view of all the homeless camps, complete with their accompanying trash. A year ago, you could find a couple tents scattered about here and there, but not what we see now. Many of them are camped along the bike trail- the same one my children and I used to enjoy riding along when they were growing up. You wouldn't want to take your children there now.
Another reason I do not recommend this valley in general, is because of something we all hate- the smoke that fills our valley, our businesses, our homes and our lungs every summer Read More

A changing city - 12/13/2020
I’ve lived here for 15 years. While it is changing slowly, the area is heavily a 45 supporting area. Also, there is pretty overt racism. While there are of course kind people living in Medford, there is definitely an overall temperament of political conservatism. For example my neighbor next door has a bumper sticker saying, “Make Liberals Cry Again”. People refuse to wear masks in stores. ...This is a great place to live if you look and act like a 45 supporter... otherwise you may feel out of place. ...but again, it is Read More

medford is wonderful - 8/20/2020
im so glad I moved to this beautiful city, Read More

I love medford - 8/20/2020
I have only lived here for two years but I love it, its beautiful and so many wonderful things to do and see. Like most places to we have homless, but only sence trump has been in office once hes gone I know it will improve. Read More

I’ve lived here my whole life... - 6/22/2020
I’ve lived in Medford my entire life. I now have 2 children of my own and Medford is nothing like it was growing up. There are transients and people strung out on drugs EVERYWHERE. My kids can’t go to the park. The parks are flooded with homelessness. There is trash all over the streets and under bridges. The bike paths aren’t safe. The crime rate is through the roof. Theft is so bad people will scope out our house in broad daylight with us right there. It’s sad. It is a beautiful area with lots of mountains and lakes - but it’s a boring town with a lot of drugs and high crime rate. I’m sad to see my hometown turn into what it Read More

“Lurked out bro”, commonly used there, sums it up. - 3/15/2020
If you’re into drugs and shady business of that nature, this is the Mecca you’ve been searching for. Most of the people I came across in my 11 years there, absolutely hate anyone moving there from out of state, especially California, despite the fact 99% of them have never actually left the valley, let alone Oregon. The weather isn’t terrible, especially if you prefer to spend your summers breathing in smoke that limits visibility to about 20 ft. every year, and winters hoping to avoid people who somehow perpetually drive like it’s their first time encountering snow, ice, possibly even other drivers on the road. The cost of living is great if you can convince Walmart or whatever retail/fast food job you’re at to give you 100+ hours a week, as the lack of rentals has prompted realtors to require you to make 3x the rent. Don’t worry about lack of sleep working those kind of hours, as previously stated there are drugs in abundance to make sure you never need to sleep again. If you have a Read More

Beware of Sociopathville - 10/27/2019
Medford - the city that could have been. Unfortunately it's a noise-pollution fest. The city is filled with sociopaths, who choose the loudest mufflers and gigantic trucks that you can possibly buy. When you go to the ER with excruciating sciatica, they assume in the most evil way, that your are a drug seeker, and run drug tests on you...instead of giving you an MRI...that would PROVE IT. Almost NOBODY walks....and therefore, the obesity epidemic is huge. The most happening place is, how lame is Read More

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