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Alpharetta, Georgia - 5/20/2006
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We love living in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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Staten Island, NY

A good move for a Northerner? - 10/7/2016

My husband and I are considering relocating our family of 5 from suburbs of NYC to the Alpharetta area. He has the opportunity to relocate with his job so employment is not an issue. We are tempted by the affordable housing, warmer climate and 'small town charm" but I'm wondering how much of an adjustment this will be, especially for my children who are high school and college age. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Chicago, IL

houses for sale - 6/7/2014

I need to see houses for sale and the crime rate and the area

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Atlanta, GA

Nice Suburb - 2/22/2012

It's a great suburb to live in. Lots of rich people.

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Duluth, GA

crime rate - 7/15/2010

Low rate of crime,

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Alpharetta, GA

Nice place BUT... - 6/28/2010

I have lived in Alpharetta for the past four and a half years. Alpharetta is a very beautiful suburb north of Atlanta. Everything is immaculate, perfect and spotless! You can buy incredible homes with large lots for relatively little money compared to other parts of the country. People used to come here primarily for the good schools, as in the Atlanta area is almost impossible to send your children to decent public schools. The crime rate is very low, which is wonderful, but the traffic on Georgia 400 (which connects Alpharetta to the city of Atlanta) is horrendous! In the elegant Alpharetta subdivisions you will find a very cold, superficial mentality. If you are a woman, you will probably meet a bunch of stay-at-home moms whose only interest is to play tennis and go to the mall. Conversations tend to be very limited as these people, despite their wealth, have no cultural curiosity, don’t read books or newspapers and have never travelled past Georgia or Florida…basically there is no interests in anything other than buying bigger homes/cars and shopping. In Europe they call them “nouveau riche” in the South they just call them “rednecks with money”. I also want to dispel the myth that life here is cheap. North Fulton where Alpharetta and Milton cities are located is a very expensive county to relocate to. The sales tax is 7% and the property tax is higher than in Fairfax County Virginia which is just outside Washington D.C.! Now with the recession things are getting worse. They will increase our property tax again (mine has almost doubled in a little over four years) drastically reducing the quality of services. Fulton County is in red of $115 millions dollars. As a consequence of this, they have laid off a huge amount of teachers and removed the law that used to sets a limit to the numbers of children in the classrooms. It is very likely that very soon our children will be squeezed in a classrooms of 40 kids! They are also considering adopting the 4 days a week school schedule. Please consider all of these factors when deciding to relocate here. Also, rent before you buy! The real estate market is very depressed and it may take over a year to sell a house…

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Rolling Meadows, IL

Beautiful city but AWFUL traffic! - 4/22/2010

I had to move away from Alpharetta because I couldn't stand the traffic. Everywhere you go it's bad. The infrastructure was not designed for the sudden population increase.

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San Francisco, CA

A Nice little town beautiful - 2/9/2010

Beautiful city. Good roads. Less Crime. Good Schools. Very beautiful woods. Awesome.

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Alpharetta, GA

When Will Milton Georgia, North Of Alpharetta, Get - 12/16/2009

The City Of Milton Was Once Part Of The City Of Alpharetta And Is Now Its Own Official City. The Problem Is, Google And Other Sites Do Not Recognize Milton As Its Own Area Of North Atlanta GA. For Example, I Was Willing And Able, As A Realtor In Milton, To Post This To Milton, But There Is No Such Catagory. Oh Well, I Am Sure It Will Take Time And Be Sure, This Area Of Milton Is WONDERFUL!!! Estate Filled, Golf Course Estates, And New Homes And Communities Tucked Between Lovely Horse Farms And New Shops And Country Stores. Milton Georgia Is A Great Place To Live, Work And Play! Feel Free To Visit Our Web Site To Learn A Bit More About The City Of Milton At Were You Can See Profiles Of Milton Neighborhoods And Visually See The Great Estates For Sale. Enjoy!

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San Jose, CA

cost of living comparison between alpharetta,ga an - 11/1/2008

cost of living comparison between alpharetta,ga and raleigh, nc

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Alpharetta, GA

Sticky & Sweet - 7/20/2008

I have to say, I could do without the steamy, humid air ... BUT the resulting fragrance in the Spring air makes it all worthwhile.

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Columbus, GA

Alpharetta - 5/8/2008

Alpharetta is a great place to live and work, it has everything you want good schools, medical facilities, parks, restaurants, shopping etc. The only problem is getting to them! The traffic is horrendous, it is bumper to bumper almost all the time on all roads including secondary neighborhood streets.

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Ball Ground, GA

Wide choice of churches - 3/14/2008

No matter what your faith, you will be able to find a church in the metro atlanta area.

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Osseo, MN

cost of living - 1/23/2008

I would like to also find out about the cost of living

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Alpharetta, GA

Housing Value - 8/3/2007

Housing value seems to be more house for the money

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Westlake Village, CA

Good place to raise a family, but... - 5/23/2007

Housing is inexpensive and nice. Most people are from elsewhere. Negatives are the quality of public libraries, lack of bike lanes/trails, people that may be from higher cost of living areas (ex. New York) that now think they are rich because they can now afford a nice house and SUV. Also Atlanta is not a real city when compared to NY, Chicago, SF, DC, Toronto, Montreal, any European city, ... I lived in Alpharetta for 4 years. Because I work for a large corporation and was a military officer, I have lived in about 8 different places around the country.

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Alpharetta, GA

Living well in north Georgia - 5/11/2007

Climate,services ig education,recreations parks etc all b+ or higher.Don't know exact number of sunshine days but it has to be 80% or higher and that is annually.Long spring, long fall, short winter jan-feb and hot,humid july-august.

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Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta - 4/20/2007

Alpharetta is an interesting town.

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Alpharetta, GA

Amazing! - 3/29/2007

Alpharetta is simply amazing, just breathtaking the schools, the people, the atmosphere it's so rich with culture and you can actually breathe! I know what your thinking but it's Georgia ... KKK , racism. No not at all, it's a very VERY friendly place. Not to big not to small, just right. You'll love it!

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Alpharetta, GA

Great City and Friendly People... - 3/24/2007

Alpharetta is astounding! Located about half way between Atlanta and the North Georgia Mountains, Alpharetta offers an attractive business environment with a casual feel. The area has some of the highest rated public schools in Georgia. There are a lot of great shopping areas, restaurants, and parks. Homes and taxes are very affordable compared to other parts of the country. I personally like the variety of recreation in Alpharetta. From sporting events in Atlanta, boating on Lake Lanier, to biking and hiking in the mountains Alpharetta is conveniently located to it all. I can go on…. If you are planning on moving here I am a Realtor and will be glad to help. Check out for more area information. I love living here!!! Mike

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Alpharetta, GA

A great place to live! - 9/2/2006

Alpharetta is awesome! We moved to Alpharetta after 15 years in Buckhead (within the City of Atlanta) and love the friendly people and small town feel. Fabulous parks, great schools, lots of industry moving here to create a good number of jobs, and the entire area is relatively newly developed so all the malls and shops have a new, clean feel. You can also get a lot of home for your money compared to most large metro areas in the U.S. I'm a Realtor, so any questions on housing or the area in general, feel free to ask.

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