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Great city to live - 9/5/2019
I have lived in Alpharetta for almost 6 years. Great city, professional residents, high end neighborhoods, and of course beautiful shopping centers. The example is Avalon. Read More

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Meh. - 8/11/2019
I’ve lived in Alpharetta for 13y. I was initially excited and open-minded about living in the South. (We are from Chicago).

The traffic is terrible. Urban planning is non-existent. If there is land to build townhomes on, they’ll get built, regardless of the lack of infrastructure to support it. There used to be a tree-save ordinance here, so houses built more than 15y ago have lovely wooded lots. Newer homes are void of trees.

There is little in the way of culture here, other than college football. Libraries and museums (in ATL) are a joke. The Alpharetta library was, until recently, a 500sf building with materials shoved on shelves in no particular order. The librarians claimed it just wasn’t possible to use the DD system here. The main library in ATL is full of books published before 1997 and people sleeping. There is little funding for public infrastructure and public good (parks, preserves, libraries, art, roads, etc).

My husband Read More

Alpharetta, GA - 10/24/2017
I live work and play in Alpharetta, GA. The standard of living is excellent. Housing is high end and affordable. Schools are highly rated. Amenities are top notch and there are plenty of great restaurants and retail shops to enjoy! Read More

A good move for a Northerner? - 10/7/2016
My husband and I are considering relocating our family of 5 from suburbs of NYC to the Alpharetta area. He has the opportunity to relocate with his job so employment is not an issue. We are tempted by the affordable housing, warmer climate and 'small town charm" but I'm wondering how much of an adjustment this will be, especially for my children who are high school and college age. Any guidance would be greatly Read More

houses for sale - 6/7/2014
I need to see houses for sale and the crime rate and the Read More

Nice Suburb - 2/22/2012
It's a great suburb to live in. Lots of rich Read More

crime rate - 7/15/2010
Low rate of crime,  Read More

Nice place BUT... - 6/28/2010
I have lived in Alpharetta for the past four and a half years. Alpharetta is a very beautiful suburb north of Atlanta. Everything is immaculate, perfect and spotless! You can buy incredible homes with large lots for relatively little money compared to other parts of the country. People used to come here primarily for the good schools, as in the Atlanta area is almost impossible to send your children to decent public schools. The crime rate is very low, which is wonderful, but the traffic on Georgia 400 (which connects Alpharetta to the city of Atlanta) is horrendous! In the elegant Alpharetta subdivisions you will find a very cold, superficial mentality. If you are a woman, you will probably meet a bunch of stay-at-home moms whose only interest is to play tennis and go to the mall. Conversations tend to be very limited as these people, despite their wealth, have no cultural curiosity, don’t read books or newspapers and have never travelled past Georgia or Florida…basically there is Read More

Beautiful city but AWFUL traffic! - 4/22/2010
I had to move away from Alpharetta because I couldn't stand the traffic. Everywhere you go it's bad. The infrastructure was not designed for the sudden population increase. Read More

A Nice little town beautiful - 2/9/2010
Beautiful city. Good roads. Less Crime. Good Schools. Very beautiful woods. Read More

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