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 Steven Gray
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Star Rating 3/10/2010
I grew up in Ohio and later in life moved to San Jose, CA. For those who are looking for the ideal climate with no humid days (trust me you won't ever feel humidity) try San Jose, CA or anywhere in Santa Clara County. Many a Christmas I have gone to Christmas tree farms to cut a tree wearing only a tee-shirt. This isn't warm like winters in Florida but it is very nice here. The only draw back is the expense of living in this area. Most of the population lives within 30 miles of the coast and like any commodity price follows demand. Housing costs are high and yards small but there is the wide and beautiful outdoors to enjoy in its many splendid forms. Once here you will never be able to consider living anywhere else. Welcome to the Hotel California. Check in any time you like, but you can never leave. So true.



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