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Great place but expensive - 7/19/2019
I've lived here since 2000. Overall, it's great. Very diverse, and anything you could want to do is here or within driving distance. The weather is great. Low humidity, no snow in the winter, 300 days of sunshine a year. The education level is high, with many college graduates and people with advanced degrees. Medical care is abundant and good. Traffic is not as bad as it could be given the population. The huge downside of living here is the ridiculous cost of housing, the high volume of millionaires, poorly funded K-12, and it is very difficult to get your kids into state universities. They give priority to out-of-state applicants because those students pay more, and they have so many applicants that you need a 4.3+ gpa to be considered. But people are friendly and literally any interest you have, you can delve into it here or nearby - all sorts of organizations and hobbies, beaches, mountains, skiing, etc. San Jose has tons of things for kids to do. It's surprisingly family Read More

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San Jose DOES NOT average 2 inches of SNOW a year - 1/23/2019
Whoever wrote the San Jose averages 2 inches of snow a year must have been kicked in the head by a donkey. It does not snow in San Jose. There is sometimes snow on the mountains surrounding the city, but in the city itself it is extremely rare. I should know, I've lived here for 40 years and I've only seen it snow once and that was a light dusting at some higher elevations 30 years ago.
San Jose averages 0 inches of snow a year (or maybe 0.001 inches, if you want to nit Read More

I Always Want To Call San Jose Home - 9/26/2018
I've lived around Northern California and in Chicago and its suburbs. My goal was always to get back to the San Jose area. The societal climate and weather climate can't be beat. There's a wealth of things to do--especially if you love music, museums, hiking, and biking year round. It costs more to live here, but a million residents call it home. Read More

Long-term resident of San Jose - 1/9/2018
I grew up in San Jose. More specifically Cambrian Park (south-west). I graduated from Gilroy High School (moved to Gilroy in Jr Year). I lived in the greater San Jose metro area from 1966 - 2003. (with only a couple of exceptions).
The weather is fantastic. There is no comparison. Cold is when it hits the low 60s. Hot is when it hits the high 80s. Extremely hot is in the low 90s. Almost 300 days of sunshine a year.
Jobs are abundant. It is the heart of Silicon Valley.
Land prices are sky high BUT the average cost of living, not including housing, is only slightly higher than the average. The average income is one of the highest in the US so you might pay a lot for your house, but everything else is relatively cheap.
Crime. San Jose has had consistently the lowest crime rate for any large city in America.
San Jose is a giant suburb. Downtown is small. It is sprawling housing tracts, broken only by commercial areas. Even the industrial Read More

High tech haven - 10/8/2017
I have lived in San Jose' since 1983 so it would bode well to listen to my advice if you're planning to live here.

San Jose' is no different than any other major city around the country. It's got entertainment, awesome eateries, opera, theaters, major sports team ... but again, nothing you can't get from any other large cities. And like other major cities, it's got horrific traffic, crimes (but still one of the safest big cities), homeless ... It would be no different than Seattle, Denver, Chicago ... Now, here is where San Jose' differs - Weather is near perfect. Rarely, if ever, do you plan your activity around the weather report. Most of the time, it will be between 55 to 80 degrees 365 days out of the year. I know that's a big range, but that's 365 days. And during winter, we just hope and pray for rain - that's the only time when your plans change. It is also within an hour or less drive away from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Napa ... and other Read More

great city for those who live fast - 9/3/2017
l currently live in san jose. own a home here in the city. and have lived in santa clara county since 2001. so i'm definitely a person to listen to if you're thinking about moving here. ok - so the negatives are the traffic and the crime. and the cost of living. although san jose is safer than oakland and san francisco, cars get stolen here and every year it gets worse. the positives are lots of jobs, amazing weather, and so much to do. so as you can see, the positives equal the negatives. i have to say it's a great city. and santa clara county is the richest county in the country now due to the amazing wealth created by tech. if you work in tech, by all means come here. this place is a software engineer's dream. ironically we are moving to a quieter state because we have a 3 year old who will soon be starting school - but we won't sell - we will rent our house in case we decide to come back someday. anyhow - if you can handle the intense traffic and fast paced lifestyle, Read More

Expensive, overpriced, high property crime. - 5/4/2017
Lived there several years ago. Moved. Housing way overpriced. Restaurants expensive. Worst singles scene for men I have ever experienced and I have lived in multiple cities. Singles dances have women that are so homely you'd have to make love in the dark with a bag over both heads-I kid you not.
Mayor at that time was owned by the cops, would not intervene even when innocent citizens were mistreated-like an old lady sleeping on a bench, intimidated by cop on horseback.
Community college choices are good and cheap.
But you cannot afford an apartment and you will have to live in substandard housing unless you're pulling in 50k a month.
Good ground transportation, close to San Francisco (much better and cheaper restaurants there). Cops are ok in San Jose, except the property crime rate (theft) is through the roof due to all the beaners living there and drug addicts, my guess. They will steal ANYTHING even for a few dollars.
Traffic is a nightmare at times, I Read More

Living in San Jose California - 9/18/2015
Very diverse in culture and lots to do, and top to it off, the awesome weather especially in the Spring. The only negative, very high cost of living. Read More

Living in San Jose - 3/3/2015
Excellent place for Read More

Ridiculously Expensive - 2/15/2015
I have lived many places - Germany, Washington DC, Hawaii, Japan and now San Jose for the last 15 years. We are looking to move next year. Although the climate is wonderful, the cost to live here is the most expensive from all the places I have lived. A 2,000 SF home on a 6500 SF lot, in an good neighborhood will run you about $1.3 million. The house next door to us - 1,900 SF/3 bedroom 2 bath/ 2 car garage - just sold for $1.3 and it is not a nice house at all - termite damage, no air conditioning, outdated appliances - nothing redeeming about the property at all.

Traveling and living in many locations I tend to be outgoing and friendly, but people just aren't friendly here for some reason. Not sure why but so many complain of the same.

The climate is great - I cannot complain about that at all. One of the best in the world. Any anything grows here - as long as there is water that is!  Read More

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