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re: - 7/28/2011
It's slightly offensive to see that one of the reasons you dislike Atlanta is because of all of the gay people that live there. There are gay people that don't shove it in your face. I'm a young college student at Georgia Tech, a damn hard worker, and I don't appreciate being lumped into one category. That's all.

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re: - 5/31/2012
these reviews are hilarious lol but i must say atlanta is "ATLANTA" lol i was born in houston and moved here when i was 11 im 27 now. when atlanta was fun i was to young to do anything but my brother was having the time of his life lol but once i turned 21 and actually saw what was going on i had to change some things in my life so i can make a change. dont get me wrong atlanta is a nice place (even nicer if you live outside the city) but im just tired of it. i made friends,had fun, and partied hard. Now i have 2 sons and i have to make some changes for them. but i will say this yes crime is bad (what do you expect when u live in the inner city) traffic is traffic lol, u better take MARTA if u work a 9-5 literally cuz traffic is horrible sometimes it can take up to 2 hours to get home

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re: - 4/11/2014
i agree with jay , get out while u can , if u dont u will become a beast ...

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re: - 2/20/2012
A word of caution about Atlanta , don't waste your time or life moving there.

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re: - 8/7/2011
Nothing wrong with Atlanta. Yes,the city is mostly black and gay but who cares ? They provide a colorful atmosphere.This is the south and anywhere you go on the east coast,inner cities have crime problems.So why single out Atlanta ? You just have to overlook these things if you want to be here. Gays can live anywhere,as in most all gay communities there are great restaurants,good hotels,funky shopping well kept neighborhoods. As a single,straight male,it's to my advantage since there are lots of gorgeous women here lured by constant growth,decent jobs,and a very resonable cost of living for a large metro area. If you don't want to live in town,go out to Alpharetta,Woodstock,or Canton.The north Georgia mountains are a little over an hour away. All big metros have terrible traffic,deal with or set your own hours. It's a lot better in Atlanta than Charlotte,Raleigh,Memphis,Columbia,or any other southern hub city.Any person who's a bit eclectic,thinks outside of the box,or bohemian would die of boredom in any of those places.

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re: - 2/25/2014
I moved here from Chicago almost 6 years ago and have not regretted it one bit. My god brother is relocating here from Chicago and I cannot wait! He sent me the link to this site to see what I thought, and after reading some of the posts I'm sitting here in aw at some of the things I've read. I'm in aw because, in my 6 years of living here I haven't seen half of the negative things people post here. The troubling thing is, I fit into a lot of categories; i'm a northerner (Chicago), i'm a young Black male (under 40), i'm a gay black male, I have no college degree my list can go on an on. I'd like to address some of the statements I've read to give a slightly better description of Atlanta to future residents. Atlanta is a beautiful city, yes, does it have its share of problems yes. Racism against blacks, whites, indians, etc is here, yes. I can say that i haven't encountered it at all. I work for a Fortune 500 company, making a very nice salary commensurate with my experience and comparable to a person with a degree. In my years of living here, I've been approached by less fortunate individuals (aka "beggars") a couple times, but felt it my duty to help out with a meal or something to drink or just conversation. But i haven't been approached more than 5 times in 6 years. I've lived in gate communities, secure buildings, and undated communities and never once had a violent incident or burglary. Traffic here, yes its a headache at times, but coming from Chicago i'm used to it. I would say, native Georgians cannot drive, so i've adjusted i drive for me and them and pay attention to them and not the signal they may occasionally use. In Chicago the news was filled with murders and senseless violence, the news here is filled with accidents, senseless ones plus the usual crime. Some of the reviewers and posters here have made it seem like Atlanta is supposed to be the garden of eden, there's no city in America that will be the best. What matters is, how you take it and make it work. If someone like me with all the, hypothetical odds stacked against me, can and have made it work for me , then surely anyone else can. My advise, yes, read the negative postings, but be smart enough to read through them. People are quick to post negative, but it takes an act of congress to post positive. Anyone seeking to move to Atlanta, I say come on, Atlanta has the best universities, is a major hub for technology advancement and medical research, has the busiest airport, BEST restaurants, dining and shopping experiences. Atlanta is the best of the South, come and experience it for yourself.

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re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 2/1/2008
I have lived in lots of places and of course if you live in any city it is going to be bad. I live about an hour outside of Atlanta and it is fine. I just moved back to Atlanta from Orlando and believe me Atlanta is much better. The people where I live are friendly, there is little traffic on the roads, the schools are pretty good, the community has a great family feel to it. I would never live in Atlanta.... or any city.

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Ga Peach

re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 1/24/2011
Hi, Im a Atlanta Native 29 yrs old born and raised in the City. I have to say moving is a hard experience, no matter where your moving too. Growing up in the city, didn't seem like much of a city at all. Back in the days it was pretty queit and country. Traffic was perfect, 2-3 lanes expressways and no transexuals and teenage boys with skinny jeans jumping in the grocery lines infront of you. Infact it was to freaking peaceful, when I was a teenager I wanted to move north for some excitment. Atlanta made it's biggest change after the Olympics. That moment on our population begun to climb from 4 million to now almost 10 million. People came to take advantage of cheap living, to excape there home towns and be free. The gay people I know, I didn't run into until my College years and 90% will tell you there not from here they came here to be free and get away from there families. So yes Atlanta has managed to take in allot of gays. I agree the customers service sucks but what do you really expect from fast food and grocery stores and again I say most of these people came here thinking they would make it big and now are broken hearted and waiting on customers & hating everyone in the city just like you. Some of you spoke about rascism it's the south I think when people move from up north they forget about that. Blacks do not make up 55% of Atlanta population. Yes Black people do seem to have some angry and may not be the best of friends with most whites. But then again I don't see many white people handing out open invations for friendship. Honestly most black people in Atlanta, mainly natives are just trying to make a living and provide for their families. Traffic? What do you think is going to happen when a city take on 6 million additional people and don't forget about the illegals, that managed to jump the boarders and recieved over 30million dollars of medical coverage for thier new americans babies to be born and food stamps to go along with it. Blacks gave 300 years of free work and most of them are still being sterio typed. So yes some maybe angry, but it's funny because I may walk into some Asains stores to this day and they will put my money on the counter instead of in my hands. Some how they manage to get a loan to open a business in the city but I go to work everyday and graduated college and can't get a home loan. So enough with the black/white/purple and green stuff. No one likes being the underdog. To show you that there some civilized Atlantians, I apologize for yah'll unpleasant visit and I wish you luck in your next move. Good Blessings

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re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 12/28/2010
I moved away from Atlanta when it was not so bad but when I did move, I was happy, never had a problem with finding a job in places where I used to live like Charlotte, NC, Chicago, etc... But Atlanta just was not the token place they hyped it up to be. I moved from here at 19 and returned after Grad School in 2005, "what a mistake just when the economy started to shut down bad on everyone" and when it gets that way crime goes up and even as an innocent person; it is easy for you to get into serious trouble here and it is not the people on the streets bothering you; "It is the untrained eyes of society gun ho' unseasoned cops" unlike what they used to call officer friendly. I do not place any of my bad experiences on anyone else or jump on the bandwagon telling people they should not move here, because their experience may not be like mine. I am a young man with a masters degree in Criminology and it is hard to even get a job as a Security Officer here in Atlanta part time. My background is law enforcement and security and my side talents makes me the most money as a barber. I would recommend that anyone who have worked hard all their lives mos def do a good review on Atlanta before moving here, buying, or even investing in a business/ spending their retirement on something they will regret. I am from up North and what I found is that most Northerners come here, they don't like it. There are a large number who do not like it for a good reason and there's a percentage who do not like it for very stupid reasons like party life, they say the people are too slow, or they frown up at everything and call it wack when they were not doing anything better than just hanging on the corner on their blocks anyway with no jobs, no future, and mainly opportunity is up North; in particular "NEW YORK". If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. New York and other Northern states may not have nice places to live at a good an reasonable price like Georgia, but the pay and opportunity for whatever it is you are trying to do is better there. These are the following reasons I think a person should not move to Georgia: 1) Less Pay, No Union, Laws conflict right to work state issues and you can be fired at any given time without a reason. 2) Cobb County/ Kennesaw, Gwinett (the duluth areas), Conyers, Covington, Jonesboro, Coweta are all redneck places and Police Departments based on the Good Old Boy System that will harass you, stop you daily just for going to your local gas station even if you are legit with valid license, insurance, and will attempt to search your vehicle without probable cause against your will. These counties for years have been getting away with malicious acts and the racist judges let them do it. DO NOT MOVE TO THESE COUNTIES ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE NON-WHITE OR NON-WHITE LILLY WHITE. Very bad place to live and if you do not have a record, they will make sure you have one before you leave and decide to move out. They are doing their best to run law-abiding/ career bound or just all types of black people and other nationalities out of their towns because they dont want you there anyway. 3) Unemployment and Public Assistance will not help out as much and you have to qualify just like credit to receive anything concerning medical or food and they don't care if you are on your dying bed. 4) Most of the churches are divided "especially black churches" and no matter how much you tithe or give love offerings to the church even in the 1000's "if you need help; they will give you the run around while your good works and loyal deeds as a member go neglected and unrecognized" 5) If you are a hairstylist, Atlanta is not a good place for you because there's a hair shop on every corner and the hair shops they have are very unprofessional in the black communities. They have these new weave shops that are like $50 for a full sew in and the sew ins are very incorrectly done. This price causes everyone to have to go down on theirs so basically all hairstylists are making the same amount here. If you do move here get into your own shop where you wont have problems with a jealous owner due to your craft and professionalism. Tabitha from BRAVO is very much needed here. 6) Atlanta is not a place for families and a happy marriage. Husbands turn DL and eventually gay due to the things he's introduced to and gay does not come very open these days or feminine. It is the gym, the homeboy hanging while the girls are out type thing that is going on here. Secret DL sex parties with nothing but men. Not only do the men get introduced to the gay or bi life, females do too as well, and eventually sons and daughters. If you are a family move upper Gwinett by Buford/ the Mall of Georgia area but by all means not Duluth. Upper Gwinett is a family oriented spot. College Pk in the very nice homes are nice as well, and Lithonia and the very nice parts of Dekalb County/ Ellenwood. 7) If you are chasing your dream as a recording star/ artist, "hang it up... "Jermain Dupri, V103, and Ludacris have you fooled." U a rap star and you are Northern from VA on up, stick to your up North tactics so that you may become an international mainstream star. Atlanta is not for you unless you meet up with an Atlanta Star that can take you there as a producer. So many Rap stars and R&B artists only go but so far due to promotion and production and it only rotates locally. The music here is garbage and bubblegum... Where is real hip hop? 8) Buying a car here can be a bit if a mess even if you have Cash to pay for it/ or a big down payment. The customer service is so bad where they wont even look at you without having a sense or sniff that you might have good credit while not realizing that people who do can hardly pay their bills. People with no credit are the ones with money and pay everything on time the most. 9) Some clothing are overpriced here but if you are a good bargain shopper you will look pass that. However most dont know how to give a deal, they rather see you walk out than to give you a deal even $1.00 off. Well I think I covered some of the things except traffic, but traffic is everywhere... "JUST THAT THE PEOPLE IN GEORGIA/ WHO ARE FROM HERE AND OTHER COUNTRY STATES CANNOT DRIVE" They will hold traffic up like they are site seeing and will stay 2 minutes at a green light before moving... LOL

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re: - 12/3/2008
Hey, I couldn't said it better myself. Way too many ppl are blinded by the insistant boasting that the City does. I am glad that I am not the only one who sees this. Atlanta encouraged hordes of ppl to move here but, it rey ha maor problems handling the masses that already did. This was a formula for disaster and that is the current state. Corruption and nepotism in high places is prevalent (from law enforcement to commerce and gov't).

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re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 7/7/2011
re:my aunt lives with here family and her mom, they r bout to lose their house and lost evrything in atlanta, they thinking about moving 2 Chicago, New York, or LA

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re: - 3/6/2012
Well Adebongio pretty much narrowed down all of the questions I had with his answers. I am a native of Baltimore, MD. I have lived here pretty much all my life with the exception of moving to Arizona twice for short periods of time. And after reading more than enough reviews I must say that I dont think I would fit in down in Atlanta. I am a 30 year old CDL Driver (female) and I have two children ages 6 and 13. I was strongly considering moving to ATL because I was told so many nice things about it, and I just wanted a fresh start after ending a long term relationship and becoming so distant with relatives living within a few miles of my doorstep. And for the record I must say RACISM IS EVERYWHERE!!! Trust me when I tell you. I am of african descent and I have driven across the country before for months at a time, and while I havent experienced any horrific racist experiences I can honestly say people will hate on you and your accomplishments in any town for any reason. I have Black Men here in Baltimore that are jealous of me at work for various reasons and will step on toes to get to the top. SO, Im not scared away by racism, but what does concern me is Traffic and Home loans, since I do have kids and are looking to soon buy my first home, and because I drive for a living, I dont want to run into a two hour drive to work everyday before driving AGAIN at work! But I thank all that posted of their personal experiences. They were VERY HELPFUL! Seeing is believing tho, I'll book a trip there ASAP.

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re: - 7/26/2012
Aaron, I'm interested in reading your opinion being a gay man yourself. Does their racism extend to homophobia? I'm straight, but I would absolutely hate to live in a city that is racist AND homophobic. It would drive me off the wall and I'd be getting into lengthy debates/fights with a lot of close minded people like I already do in Manhattan, KS.

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re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 4/11/2008
I use live in Atlanta and to be honest your making it more exciting and dramatic then it really is. Atlanta = Boring.

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re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 9/12/2008
Actually you don't want to move to Savannah. Savannah is rosy and romantic on film but in real life it's war zone. I went to SCAD and it was common to hear about students being killed or beaten up. It happened to me! I was beaten up by a gang and had my car stolen. Savannah sucks. Stay away from it. Atlanta is heaven compared to Savannah. Savannah is also rampant with roaches. They scatter away from your feet as you walk on the sidewalks at night. Savannah = Disgusting

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re: Horrible place to live - 12/16/2007 - 12/27/2007
Gosh, i was planning on moving to Atlanta from Mobile by Jan 09, is it really that bad?

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Sherman Oaks, CA

re: - 11/28/2009

Hi. I'd like to know if you still feel the same way about living in Broomfield. I went there this past July to check it out (along with Lafayette, Boulder (can't afford) and Louisville). I'm leaving Los Angeles in the summer of 2010. I'm a divorced mom with 2 younger kids (5 and 7) and would like to hear what you're thinking now. Thanks.

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NC For Me
Apex, NC

re: - 4/2/2009

Apex is perfect for what you are looking for. It's close enough to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill to find a job and Cary the next town over, is a little more expensive but they have everything you would need, parks, bowling, and skating. If you are looking for a good school system, stay in Wake/Durham/Orange county. CHeck out Greatschools.net for help. Clubbing and restaurants in downtown (both Ral & Dur) only 15 minutes away. Right now jobs are tough everywhere but I am sure you can find something

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