The quality of life is not bad in Phoenix AZ.

 Cheryl Jenkins
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Star Rating 7/31/2007
The quality of life depends on what you're looking for. The cost of living is a little above the national average but there are plenty of jobs and a growing economy in Phoenix. There are lots of recreational activities and shopping galore. Schools are lacking behind in basic structure and supplies but there is a strong effort to persuade highly qualified teachers into the area. The small town feel is definitely not present in one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. The atmosphere is somewhat disconnected as everyone is from someplace else. Traffic is a problem with minute by minute reports on where the accidents are and what area of town to avoid. Crime is often violent and devastating. Welcome to the big city.



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Darren K.

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"plenty" of jobs and a "growing" economy. I dont consider minimum wage paying jobs (AZ is a right-to-work state) to b anything to brag about, and there is no industry at all. How can you say there is an economy? Yeh, one driven by illegal aliens. You call that an "economy" PLEASE! Give me Indiana back!



Interesting comment. Thanks for your thoughtful, balanced review.



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