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 Jimmy Johnson
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Star Rating 12/16/2010
I moved down to Texas from a northern state in the 90s. Pros: I like Houston's variety in food, restar. and shops. There are people from many backgrounds which makes Houston pretty interesting. There are also parks, lots of job opportunities, especially in public education and the oil industrky. I met my husband here and the city is large enough where you can join groups that share your same interests.

Cons: The racial groups are segregated and Houston has not planned out the city infrastructure well. There are many high crime areas or should I say, there small pockets of nice neighborhoods within a high crime and dumpy city. I lived in Clear Lake before moving to north east Houston. What a change!! I got out of Clear Lake because of all the flooding problems and hurricane evacuations, besides the decline of NASA will make the place a ghetto in a few years. Well moving to north east Houston IS living in the ghetto now. There is constant crime, loud tejano and rap music that rattle and shake your windows, stray dogs everywhere, prostitutes, homeless, 30 people living in one house, 90 cars parked at each house(I should say shack, that more accurately describes it.)including on the lawns. I feel like we live in a war zone. My house is nice, but moving into the city has been a big regret. If you are accostumed to living around law biding citizens, respectful people and good yard and house up keep- you know basic things a decent person would do.... then do NOT move to Houston! This is unless you can afford River Oaks, Memorial or any of those expensive areas. The Heights is an overpriced ghetto, there are million dollar homes next to shacks. The streets are full of pot holes and the traffic is the worst.

I would like to end with a positive. Though our move into Houston has been scary and annoying at times, we are saving a lot of money. The house is nice and we have some land, but it didn't cost us much. We are tolerating the ghetto hood rats and hope to save enough money by the time our child begins to attend school to be able to afford a nicer more respectable neighborhood.

Final warning: Before you buy, drive the neighborhood many times at all times of the day. Check out the neighbors. Try to rent in the area before buying if possible. Good luck and may peace be with you.

Happy Holidays 2010




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Jimmy, I am a Realtor and had to crack up reading your post. I'm not sure where the hek you moved, but there are nice neighborhoods in the outlying areas of Houston. For one, you don't sound to me like you moved "into" the city. Sounds like you traded one suburb for another one closer in. I count "in the city" as inside the 610 loop. I used to live in the Heights and completely disagree with your assessment of it. I'd much rather live in the Heights that live on the northeast side. Why didn't you move to the Woodlands? Sugar Land? Sounds like you need a good Realtor if you can't afford the inner loop west of 45. You should have gotten better advice ;-) e@efowler.com



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