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Don’t stay as long as I did...or just don’t come. - 6/25/2019
I moved here from California for a job transfer 10 years ago. I lost track of the amount of times I contemplated moving back in the first year...yet here I am. The weather was the first noticeable thing. We did move here in August which did not help. I quit playing outdoor sports. Struggled to do triathlons which I previously enjoyed doing. Many people mention cycling being dangerous here....that is so true. Ive had several friends get hit by drivers. I have family that come to visit that refuse to come anymore. My grandparents finally moved here after 5 years of us begging them to but complain regularly about how ugly it is here. Almost all of my coworkers including my husband are transplants from other cities. My husbands family won’t visit either, I don’t blame them. There is nothing to do once you have visited once or twice. We live inside the loop and have ran out of things to do. And don’t tell me to move around...I have. I have lived in Clear Lake, The Woodlands, Conroe, Read More

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Undesirable Houston - 4/19/2019
I have found this city to be the most disappointing city in the US. After I have lived and worked as a professional in 18 major cities in 16 different states, I have never seen a more racial city than this and I am a straight white male. White Texans hate everyone, especially Caucasian transplants who are not from Texas. The hatred and discrimination towards other races is unlike anywhere else in the US. Terribly low wages and high cost of living. The weather is the very worst in the US by far. Very unattractive city as far as scenery. 60 miles to the gulf and it too is a total cess pool from all of the oil and shipping. No way to enjoy it. Education is very poor. I love the US and have enjoyed every other place I have ever lived until here. It is a very dirty city with the worst of the worst roads, and sidewalks with the traffic being worse than LA, NYC and Boston. I would not consider Houston if I were a business or an individual and to look elsewhere. Sad to say but Read More

Think Long and Hard Before You Come Here - 3/2/2019
1. 2/5 stars = Not For Me (applies, but somewhat harsh)
2. 3/5 stars = Just Ok (fairly accurate, but at times, Houston dips into 2/5 and even 1/5 territory, so I can't really give it 3 stars)
3. 4/5 stars = Great (no way, does not apply to Houston)

I have lived outside of the U.S. and also on the West Coast, Northeast and Midwest. I have had short stints in the South, but never in Texas or Houston. I am definitely a transplant here and prior to arriving to Houston I put it inside some big Texas box that equaled conservative politics, cowboys, big trucks, frankly Caucasian, and fairly rural; a fairy tale notion of what would be here. Of course, I knew it would not match that, but boy was I in for an eye opener.

To sum it up, if you have a choice in the matter, and are educated, medium to high income, and have a family, I do not recommend moving to Houston. Let me unequivocally say that as someone who is not white, this is definitely not a Read More

Living in Houston - 2/14/2019
The city of Houston indeed has a varying set of cultures. But do know that many neighborhoods are very different from one another, both in terms of ethnicity and prosperity.

Although not the most dangerous city, the crime is higher than average, and the homicide rate in recent times are about the same as they were in the late 1990s. But robbery remains a pervasive problem, as are accidental gun deaths, burglaries, petty thefts, and auto thefts.

Housing is cheaper compared to other cities, but not so much when it comes to neighborhoods in the Inner Loop. It's possible for a 3-bedroom house to cost $1M. Also, some houses are affected by Hurricane Harvey, so one must take into account flooding issues in some areas.

Lots of ethnicity to experience in the city, making the experience less monotonous. Plenty of opportunities for international festivals, general or otherwise, and great food. Challenges the notion that all Southern cities are mostly Read More

Most livable, lively, place. Most people are great - 2/4/2019
Houston, all the way out to the suburbs is awesome. Sure there are neighborhoods that suck. But you can find jobs. Our most up to date unemployment rating is 3.7%. Just hit that pavement. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.houstonchronicle.com/business/economy/amp/Houston-unemployment-rate-lowest-in-more-than-a-13781461.php

As a multiracial woman, I have had better exsperiences here than else where in regards to racial relations.

Houston is #30 in best places to live in the U.S. and #26 for best places to retire.https://realestate.usnews.com/places/texas/houston

Many people that haven't lived else where complain of expense. However, as some one how has lived all over the nation, I can tell you this is the most livable place I have ever lived. No income tax. Lil higher property taxes but it makes up between the no income tax and the lower average cost of living. It's basic math and balance.

There is so much to do no matter the budget. Read More

pretty cool - 1/22/2019
I lived here when i was a small kid, so i don't remember too much of it. but what i do remember is nice. you should check this city Read More

Huge, great, very hot,run from highway 290 - 1/9/2019
We have lived in Houston for a little over 5 years and I will keep this as short as I can. This place changed our lives. We're super thankful we chose Houston Pro's- cops are to busy to give bull shit tickets, food is AMAZING. Stay away from big chains here cause your missing out if you don't TRUST ME. There are jobs anywhere and everywhere. Work force solutions will definitely help. If your looking for work look at hcss it's voted one of the best places to work in Houston. People are super sweet. No segregationis in neighborhoods. There's so much diversity. CONS-traffic, loose pets on highways an In residential areas. Bums panhandling. Very crowded in the city (downtown). The roads are very beat up so you've got to be on your toes an ready for a pot hole. The road called 290 ???????? avoid this road at all costs. (Look it Read More

BIG MISTAKE! - 10/25/2018
Moving to Houston was the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life. I cannot emphasize enough how living in that place has drained me mentally. I thought trying something new will be enriching.

I am born and raised in Miami FL. Home of nice beaches, cool breezes, and diversity. Due to the Great Recession, my family and I had to move to find a job. We thought Houston would be a good choice because of a higher paycheck and the claims that there is a high amount of diversity.

Because I wanted to try a change of scenery, we decided to move to the Klein area of Houston. We also heard that the schools were decent. (We were unsure of Houston's school district. Plus, we didn't want to spend money on private schooling.) Trees everywhere, so it must be a good community, right?

Sure, the area appeared nice, with forested communities filled with homes big enough to fill your HGTV fantasies. Maybe I'm being nice here because it seems like developers are Read More

Diverse and friendly town! - 10/24/2018
Houston is an incredibly diverse city and is HUGE. The things I love about Houston are the people and the food. Disregard these negative reviews about people--I've lived in big and small cities and the hospitality and friendly attitude here is the best. The food is incredible and varied, however I'm partial to Tex Mex and bar-b-que. Yes, it's hot & humid in the summer but so is half the country. It's an air conditioned city. Cost of living is relatively low and quality of life is high. Tech scene is growing. You have to drive everywhere so learn to love your car. There's a reason Houston grows in population every single Read More

What Houston is all about - 10/21/2018
I've lived here since 1987, having lived in New York City, Miami Beach, Atlanta and Charlotte with memories of short stays i n Nashua and Rochester ,NY. On the good side, it is the most convenient city you could find as far as amenities, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops , museums, parks and beach walking on Galveston beaches. It is divided into 10 regions according to the points on a compass with downtown\Galleria\Medical center being in the center of it all. In this center core you have your nicest, most beautiful and expensive neighborhoods and most beautiful amenities; parks and restaurants. On the negative side, high crime, a huge low income population base, decreasing percentage of white population so even though people scream ...liberal people brag\ scream .....that Houston is so progressive because it's so ...diverse...they mean that it's diverse to all races and cultures except for....white people...the demographic in Houston is Mexican and Central American with black and Read More
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10715 Forbes Settlement Dr
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14626 Auburn Dusk Dr
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622 E 39th St # HDFK71
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