I use to live in Joplin

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The schools I went to were filled with drugs, fights, rapes, and recently I've heard on the news a school shooting. The people in Joplin are inbred. There is a good ol boy network for sure. Jobs? YOu get to choose between factories, resturants and if you're REALLY lucky, you can be a bank teller.

Everyone has a gun and they shoot at things like power line insulators, houses, buildings, street signs, etc. Joplin has an EXTREMELY HIGH NUMBER OF METH ADDICTS!

One night, I was woke up by gunshots. I look out the window and the guy across the street from me was drunk, shooting his .357 magnum down the street and yelling. You see, about half the crime here goes unreported. Most of the time, no one calls the cops. Joplin is the place I take white racist snobs to prove that white folks have ghettos too.

Seriously, the schools are horrible. After I dropped out, I got my GED, went to college and became an engineering technician. The closest Engineering school is in Fayettville. I had to get out of the school system in order to succeed.

Housing? You like 200 year old add on shacks with funky floorplans, like 5 foot wide kitchens and the only bathroom is inside a bedroom with a sinkhole in the back yard? You like having wife beating, redneck creep, child molesting neighbors with dirty, Wal-Mart clothes wearing, cigarrette smoking adolescent children? You like being woke up in the middle of the night by glasspacks?

Joplin is a "King of the Hill" cartoon kind of place. They're idea of culture is going to Indian Casino to gamble. Let's not forget the 70's themed tapistries they sell at the flea market. And somebody PLEASE tell these people that mullets and big hair are longer in style! The women have their hair parted on the sides, with a great big, 2 foot tall, curly fluff above their foreheads. I don't know what to think about that. Wow. They look like poodles.

People here look about 15 years older than they are and EVERYBODY SMOKES! You cannot get away from it. Everywhere you go people are smoking! They blow it in your face and think they have the right to fill your air with cancer causing poison! They're even still allowed to smoke inside resturants and bars and pretty much any public building.

I live in Southern California now. It costs 5 times as much to live here. I'm not fond of the town I live in now. But I will never go back to Joplin.



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james h.

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You know, i don't think that college helped a whole lot. your grammar sucks! Joplin isn't as bad as you make it out to be. It is considered part of the south, and some people do act like they are from the middle of southern swampy South Carolina, but not as blatant as Steve made it sound in his paragraph. I personally know private pilots who make a good living. I myself do work in a factory, but it is also one of the highest places in the area. I also know several tradesmen from this area who travel to their jobs and do pretty well for themselves. Joplin isn't as bad as Steve makes it out to be. Like every town there is going to be some sense of "ghetto-ness" with people on welfare and the other people that work part-time fast food for gas and cigarette money who do not care about bettering themselves. Overall I would say joplin is an alright town to live in, especially after haveing been to Bakersfield, California every fall for several years for a former employer. I really don't know how a person can drive through the smog to go to work or the store or whatever this whiner does and complain about people smoking. I think that Steve just likes to whine. I'm sure if someone asked him that he's have plenty to whine about in Bakersfield.



Janice N.

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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, but that is not Joplin. I am a native, but have lived all over the world and Joplin is always nice to come back too. And for your information non of my family or friends smoke and the women do not wear their hair like that. I had a wonderful job there as did my husband. The University is a great place for an education. It has all the major shopping and the small town feeling. We lived in a wonderful, open floor plan home. All of my friends and family live in nice homes. Even the historic homes are being restored. Grow up and open your eyes.



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