Chicago- Political Hell Hole of America

Star Rating 7/13/2010
Chicago held the potential for being the Great American City but it has not happend because of it's corrupt Government! This includes Crook County and some of the down state Gang.Labor Camps would not be a bad idea for the lot of them,They are the last hold out of the ' Boss Tweed Type of organazation' a carryover from the 19 th century that has had an extended shelf life by Lake Michigan.Fathering a President recently, who under the cover of hope and change is a Company man from the South side outfit of Blood Suckers ! I love many of the Chicago People but if they are to have a truly great City they must throw off theese monsters that Run and Ruin Chicago. Andy



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Michael K.

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This is an absurd political rant and diatribe. This guy sounds angry and unhappy and I do not think Chicago caused the problem. I don't know anyone who is as seemingly hapless as this individual.



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