A Swamp? A Forest? A Prairie?

Star Rating 11/8/2011
Houston is known for heat and humidity (high and higher.) But, depending on where you are, you are close to prairie (west), forest (east & north), wetlands/swamp (south & east.) We also have the best air-conditioning in the States....so don't be afraid of heat & humidity. We also have big, blue skies -- and very few grey days.



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Dewey Wesley
Houston, TX
Ruuuuunnnnnn go bacccckkkkk
I was in awe when I first came down here in July I alwa...
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Pra Ahmad
Houston, TX
Several Things to Know
Hello, I have lived in Houston for 9 years now, and I w...
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Michael Laman
Houston, TX
Avoid Houston
I've lived in Houston for 30 yrs. 87-present. I'm now 6...
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Jesse Duvall
Houston, TX
Houston is hell!
If the floods don't drown you in your bed in the night,...
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Jenevieve Moodie
Pearland, TX
It's way to hot and way too humid!
Summer really lasts for about 6 months here. That would...
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Benjamin F
Missouri City, TX
A Big, Hot City
I'll start in saying that I don't like living in Housto...
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