Phoenix metro is horrible, I'm moving out of Arizo

 John Reynolds
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Star Rating 8/10/2009
It's really a shame because Arizona is beautiful with the mountains, lakes and desert. I've come to a consensus in the last 6 years that the people here are either stupid, doped up or just a bunch of mooches. I'm originally from WI where everyone gets along (for the most part). Here everyone has an agenda, they are figuring out what they can get from you next. I haven't met one quality woman here in 6 years, they are either drugged up, have 3 kids from different guys or they are just plain trailer trash. If you choose to move here I would keep your guard up to make sure you don't get taken advantage of. The drivers are amongst the worst in the country. If someone screws up on the highway they flip you off??? I do not have any children but I have heard from many parents that the education system here is horrible. I think the drop out rate is almost 60% here now. And not to sound prejudice but the Hispanic population has pretty well taken over this area. I'm tired of ordering food 5-8 times at Taco Bell until they get the order right. You go shopping here and half the employees don't speak English. I recommend you visit Phoenix, if you have to move here, leave again in 2-3 years max or your will get tired and miserable here quickly. I'm moving to Panama City Beach, Florida in 2 weeks,,,,perhaps that will be better. Do your own thorough research but, I hate it here.



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Scott M.

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Amen. I lived in Phoenix for just over 8 years and I came to the same conclusion. I moved back to Portland, Oregon and it took me those horrible 8 years to remind me that most of the entire Southwest sucks. My wife is a teacher and was also in Phoenix. They have the worst education system and continue to cut their spending. Less than 1 percent of the native vegetation survives the urban sprawl. There are only 3 things to do, go to the movies and go out to dinner. People are so bored and material that they live way beyond their means. Phoenix continues to lead the nation in bankruptcies. They have the highest drop out rate, highest teen preg. rate, worst air quality, most stressed out population, worst drivers, lack any type of culture and the most boring city on the west coast. Life is too short to live in Phoenix.



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