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 bob robinson
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Star Rating 1/23/2010
I lived in Tacoma for 28 years. Crime HAS gotten a little better, but not much!
Lots of problems in Tacoma........I would not move back.



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anyone trying to say there isnt a crime problem with tacoma is either blind or doesnt know about tacoma. i believe the main problem with the crime in tacoma is the legal system there being the pierce county superior court. this court runs on the belief turn them in and out as fast as you can, we dont want to spend any money on housing criminals.... just let them free. a prime example is maurice clemmons. in 2009 clemmons was arrested for child rape in the second degree, being a fugitive from justice, and 8 count of felony assault(which was on pierce county sheriff officers) mr clemmons had a long history of criminal behavior before these arrests and this court allowed him to walk free which eventually he committed multiple murders while on bail. my ex is a habitual felon in the tacoma area. she has been convicted since may of 2008 for unlawful possesion of a stolen vehicle, 2 counts of felony identity theft, another unlawful possesion of a stolen vehicle, and making a false statement to police, remind you these are just the charges she has been convicted on not any that are pending which is a few. she has done less than 6 months in county jail for all of this, only uses a public defender and has never even been put on probation. how does this town expect crime to get better when their own legal system allows criminals to know that they will not be punished for their crimes. it is a joke. get harder on crime by invoking stiffer punishments and you will see crime decrease. the best way to reduce crime is that a criminal knows they will get more than a slap on the wrist.



James P.

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this place is a hell hole. there maybe some places worse but not many. tacoma has the most serial killers then any other city and a big crime a drug problem. washington is second to calfornia to pot production, the singles mother capital of the world and the most unreligious place in the country. if you are looking for a good place to live look somewhere eles then west coast. if you do live here might be a good investment to buy a bullet proof vest.



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