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 Amanda Miller
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Star Rating 7/25/2009
I moved to Scottsdale a few years ago from the east coast and some of the main things that I noticed upon moving here is that most everything in Scottsdale and the Phoenix metro area is new and there is a wide array of people from around the US and the world here - mostly transplants from somewhere else. There are also a ton of nice golf courses here so if you are into golf this place is perfect. The FBR open is held in Scottsdale every year.

Overall, my experience here has been a good one. There are lots of great restaurants, tons of conveniences, overall the people are friendly, the weather is good for many months out of the year and the surrounding mountains add natural beauty that many cities lack. There are also lots of nice spas and places to shop. Plus, Sedona - aka Red Rock Country - and in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the US is only about an hour and half or so away and makes for a great weekend getaway.

There are some cons however, namely the sweltering heat for about 3 months out of the year from June to August. It is really bad on some days reaching up to 120 degrees. You get in your car and it literally feels like an oven. There is high crime in some parts of the city. If you are moving here try to stay to the northeast (Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley). It is a little more expensive but worth it big time. The traffic can be terrible on the freeways (I10 and 51). I make a point to stay off off them as much as possible.

Alot of the reviews on here really bash Scottsdale and the people here. I guess it's all about your perspective in the end. I personally have not had any negative experiences with people in Scottsdale but have had others tell me they have. I have noticed there are people with money who like to live well here and if you have a problem with that then it's probably not a good place for you.

I am planning to move soon after a few years here but not because I have anything against the place. I'm a restless traveler type. Plus I love water and there isn't much of that here. There are lakes but it's not the same as the beach at all...



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