Living in Vegas: No greenery, but lots of lights

 Dave Edwards
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Star Rating 2/9/2012
I often come to sites like this for information from people who have lived in a certain area that peaks my interest. I am well traveled and like to live in different places to experience the local culture.
Las Vegas is a bright glittery city that attracts thousands of tourists every day, and allows a mix of cultures and ideas. Due to the fact that there are so many transients here, local people tend to be isolated and prefer to carry on with their own lives, on their own time. Making friends here is Very difficult and can be wearing. If you're not a social person, you will do fine here. I am single and miss my friends/parties back east.
The pros and cons:
Pros: Rent is relatively cheap here if you take into consideration all of the amenities the apartments offer. Vegas has a bigger than life image to maintain, and therefore it excels at offering better options in units and amenities. For example, most apartments have a washer and dryer inside each unit, most complexes have nice pools/spas/gym, most offer better maintained units and they keep the units up to date.
There are Tons of places to eat here. You name the price, and it exists. From a simple $2.00 breakfast to a $200.00 steak, it's all here baby!!!
The buffets you hear so much about do abound here. Most average $10-15.00, but if you get a free players card from the casino, the price drops by 2-3 dollars per person. Some offer half price for locals, having a NV drivers license. The traffic here is actually not bad at all, and moves well. I have lived in Atlanta, Florida and other areas where you sit in gridlock for hours. Here you do not have that problem. In fact even during rush hour, the highways move well. The only gridlock you will have is on the Strip. It can be trying at times. You have to keep an eye our for pedestrians, children, people pulling out of hotels from side streets and the occasional drunk. The cops here manage the pedestrian traffic well and run a tight ship. They have to with the crowds here. I live in a town called Henderson, about 15 minutes from the strip and love it. Nice rolling hills and well maintained roads. After I moved here I discovered and was told by many, that the East and North are undesireable, but the South and South West are the Best. After living here for a year, I would have to agree. I did live on the East side, and had no problems, but it could be questionable at night. It was a very friendly area and lots of shops on the main road(Boulder Highway).

Cons: People are not too quick to warm up to you, as in other parts of the U.S. I guess it's because they assume you are only here for the day, or won't be here long. There is Very little green and the dryness gets to your skin Fast! I know this sounds petty, but having lived in other parts of the US and the world, I do miss seeing a lawn, and feeling the humidity. Hand cream and lotions will become your new new friends - LOL! Seafood.... I Really miss it!!! They have seafood here, but it is flown in (naturally), but it's not the same. I would say the heat here in the summer months, but I actually love the dry heat. It penetrates your bones and feels great. However, if it gets windy, it can feel like a blast furnace!! No joke! Just imagine opening the oven door at 450 degrees. It's that same rush of heat blasting at you. But your pool clothes dry fast!! LOL!

Now in looking at my Pros and Cons, I have to say Vegas is not a bad place to live. It does get cold here in the winter (30 at night, 40 in the daytime), and amazingly hot in the summer. But so long as your car has AC, and you buy some indoor greenery for your home, you'll be fine.



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