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"Living in Vegas: No greenery, but lots of lights"

Living in Vegas: No greenery, but lots of lights - 2/9/2012
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I often come to sites like this for information from people who have lived in a certain area that peaks my interest. I am well traveled and like to live in different places to experience the local culture.
Las Vegas is a bright glittery city that attracts thousands of tourists every day, and allows a mix of cultures and ideas. Due to the fact that there are so many transients here, local people tend to be isolated and prefer to carry on with their own lives, on their own time. Making friends here is Very difficult and can be wearing. If you're not a social person, you will do fine here. I am single and miss my friends/parties back east.
The pros and cons:
Pros: Rent is relatively cheap here if you take into consideration all of the amenities the apartments offer. Vegas has a bigger than life image to maintain, and therefore it excels at offering better options in units and amenities. For example, most apartments have a washer and dryer inside each unit, most complexes have nice pools/spas/gym, most offer better maintained units and they keep the units up to date.
There are Tons of places to eat here. You name the price, and it exists. From a simple $2.00 breakfast to a $200.00 steak, it's all here baby!!!
The buffets you hear so much about do abound here. Most average $10-15.00, but if you get a free players card from the casino, the price drops by 2-3 dollars per person. Some offer half price for locals, having a NV drivers license. The traffic here is actually not bad at all, and moves well. I have lived in Atlanta, Florida and other areas where you sit in gridlock for hours. Here you do not have that problem. In fact even during rush hour, the highways move well. The only gridlock you will have is on the Strip. It can be trying at times. You have to keep an eye our for pedestrians, children, people pulling out of hotels from side streets and the occasional drunk. The cops here manage the pedestrian traffic well and run a tight ship. They have to with the crowds here. I live in a town called Henderson, about 15 minutes from the strip and love it. Nice rolling hills and well maintained roads. After I moved here I discovered and was told by many, that the East and North are undesireable, but the South and South West are the Best. After living here for a year, I would have to agree. I did live on the East side, and had no problems, but it could be questionable at night. It was a very friendly area and lots of shops on the main road(Boulder Highway).

Cons: People are not too quick to warm up to you, as in other parts of the U.S. I guess it's because they assume you are only here for the day, or won't be here long. There is Very little green and the dryness gets to your skin Fast! I know this sounds petty, but having lived in other parts of the US and the world, I do miss seeing a lawn, and feeling the humidity. Hand cream and lotions will become your new new friends - LOL! Seafood.... I Really miss it!!! They have seafood here, but it is flown in (naturally), but it's not the same. I would say the heat here in the summer months, but I actually love the dry heat. It penetrates your bones and feels great. However, if it gets windy, it can feel like a blast furnace!! No joke! Just imagine opening the oven door at 450 degrees. It's that same rush of heat blasting at you. But your pool clothes dry fast!! LOL!

Now in looking at my Pros and Cons, I have to say Vegas is not a bad place to live. It does get cold here in the winter (30 at night, 40 in the daytime), and amazingly hot in the summer. But so long as your car has AC, and you buy some indoor greenery for your home, you'll be fine.

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Las Vegas, NV

A balanced review?... fancy that! - 9/18/2016

I have a love-hate relationship with my city. Actually, it's not that intense, it's more like a like-dislike relationship, which may just net you a pretty balanced review. I work as marriage therapist here in Las Vegas. My mother moved me to and my sister to Las Vegas when I was nearly 16, after having been raised in New Jersey with a pit stop in California. My aunt encouraged us to move here. She was one of Las Vegas's first showgirls, way back when. I've lived here ever since. I'm 52 now, and my husband and I are looking to move out of Las Vegas soon... partly because I've just been here a really long time and feel ready for a change, and partly because of the things I dislike about living here. I've lived a very happy life here though, and raised two fine children here, and you can too! I'll share my list of likes and dislikes with you, but do keep in mind that these are just my personal views, not gospel. Also keep in mind that since my children are now in their 30's, my list will naturally not be kid-focused, so it may not be super helpful to parents. I also completely ignore the "strip," like many locals. The whole casino/gaming scene is not part of my life at ALL. Either is the show business scene. We are not into local politics, either. We just live, work, and play here. So I guess you could say we are "in" LV but not really "of" LV. I think that's true for many who live here. It's not a city with a whole lot of community pride or unified spirit... perhaps partly because it's a (relatively) newly settled city, so it's not yet steeped in generations of family tradition. When I first moved here 37 years ago, it was rare to hear that a resident was actually born here. These days it's not rare, yet still raises a brow. I'm an educated middle class woman who has always lived in the more pleasant/safe areas of the city. In all my many years here, I've had only ONE crime committed against me; my wallet was stolen in a grocery store once, when my back was turned. However, if you are seriously economically challenged at present and therefore forced to live in an unpleasant/unsafe area of the city (such as some areas of North Las Vegas), know that my review will not take into account the many unsavory things you may face when moving here, such roach infested apartments and drive-by shootings. Know that Las Vegas is a big sprawling city (that actually feels more like a big sprawling town). So some of the neighborhoods are super upscale, some are mainstream-nice, some are ghetto. Your experience of Las Vegas will to a large extent depend on where in Las Vegas you hang your hat. I guess that's true for most places. WHAT I LIKE: Low cost of living, you can buy a nice home here without being rich The mild winters Lovely mountains AWESOME shopping and dining Traffic not bad, road conditions good Whole Foods grocery stores! No earthquakes, hurricanes, or twisters All kinds of diversity here People mind their own damn business Locals are welcoming to newcomers Plenty of tolerant/progressive thinkers Relatively few religious zealots Good hiking at Red Rock and Valley of Fire Proximity to Mt. Charleston (ah, fresh air) Doable drive to Zion/Bryce Canyon Utah Whatever your hobby, there's people doing it in Vegas! Many places stay open late, or even all night Good hospitals/health care (I don't know why people complain about that) Art, Dance, Music, Vegas has it all (except a film festival) It's a very doable drive to the California coast! University of Nevada Las Vegas... great school, well designed campus WHAT I DON'T LIKE: VERY poor air quality (one of the worst cities in the country) As the global water crisis gets worse, desert dwelling seems unwise INSUFFERABLY hot summers I find it a visually ugly city, with no aesthetic cohesion at all Lots of cigarette smokers rudely stinking up outdoor walkways Big under-served homeless population, thus pan-handlers on many corners Motorist-centric city, not favorable for "walk about" exploration Shopping plazas on nearly every corner... enough is enough! Advertising EVERYWHERE, it has completely colonized the landscape Graffiti (except within gated or master planned communities) Hardly a comprehensive review of a city as big and famous as Las Vegas, but I just wanted to make a list of the pros and cons that first popped into my mind, in case it helps someone's decision making process. If you do wind up moving to Las Vegas, enjoy it! There is no perfect place to live, after all... a city (much like life itself) is mostly what you make of it.

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Los Angeles, CA

Before moving to Vegas, go check the health care s - 4/10/2016

If you consider moving to Vegas, go first to a medical facility there and you'll understand ....

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Las Vegas, NV

Las wages - 4/8/2016

Born and raised in Las Vegas. 37 yrs.old In this Glittering Concrete Hole, that I call Home. My home brings confusion. Anxiety lingers, filled with my Regrettable Past. In this Glittering Concrete hole, my home. Loneliness fills this place, whether it's to be Wanted or left Alone. It has my hopes and dreams all wrapped up in my Failures and mistakes. In this Glittering Concrete hole. I call Home The Heat is unbearable, the Lights are intended to entice, in between every church on a corner, you will find a lost soul. In this Glittering Concrete hole.. She will give You hope in its Dancing lights, all wrapped up with a little, drunkenness, brokenness and bitterness . In this Glittering Concrete hole

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Myrtle Beach, SC

This is NO place to live! - 4/2/2016

Was there for less than two months. This was a mistake and I won't be back. It was more than likely the bad roommate that lied to me about everything - no cable, no internet, this was a rooming house. This person didn't say this was a rooming house. I was the only female with four other males. All either on drugs, alcohol, warrants or gambling. I know, next time, I will look better. This things lied every step of the way. Don't expect any assistance from the police. Unless there is a body, they won't respond! I don't think the landlord was even here legally. I'm sure Las Vegas is beautiful, just not for me!

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Idaho Falls, ID

Don't do it!! - 11/17/2015

Don't move to this city unless you enjoy crime 24/7 and constantly worrying about your house getting broken into. We lived in a "nicer" part of the city and my doors were always locked and gun was always loaded. This city truly is a hellhole and you couldn't pay me to move back there.

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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Living - 10/4/2015

Hello, I have been living in Las Vegas since 1985. I have seen this city grow and continue to grow. I like it here because of there's so much you can do. My kids love it here and will not move anywhere else. I wish it stays this way forever.

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Las Vegas, NV

lack o f AOG Churches - 9/19/2015

Assembly of God The true old fashioned Assembly of God Churches do not exist in Las Vegas like the do in Southern California. We are moving out of town and I will once again will be able to worship in a true AOG . Praise the Lord !

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Las Vegas, NV

Weather - 8/30/2015

Summer can be brutally hot. The other three seasons are pleasant.

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Las Vegas, NV

weather - 7/21/2015

Summer is as HOT as the bowels of HADES. Within the last ten years or so the heat has steadily segued into November after getting an early start in May. However, if you are done with ice and snow, this is your place. Now, if you were a Thanksgiving turkey, done to a turn with moist heat or choosing the dry heat would be moot as either way you are cooked. Oh yes, it is dry. Buy stock in skin products.

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Sunnyside, NY

Living Las Vegas - 5/14/2015

I lived in LV for 3 years and really loved, coming from NY, the peace and quiet living plus the hot weather made me happy. I am looking forward to go back. I was recommend Southwest for residence.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Moving to LV - 5/12/2015

Every time I hear Steve Wynn on the news complaining there is no real economic recovery, I know his LV profits had tanked again..Save the LV strip designed for tourists and bunch of caged golf course communities around the suburbs, the rest is a mostly filthy, beggar sprinkled desert metropolis.Half of the retail stores are empty premisses.The real estate market is as speculative as a Russian roulette dice chuck.Nevada State is broke and is desperate to fund itself through issuing traffic citations.Definitely not a good place to grow a family. June through September is over 100F and the air pollution tops 10 in the country.LV huge water problem seems to be looming on the horizon and the outdated spaghetti bowl highway interchange is jam crammed with traffic as ever.Most of North LV between Rainbow&Graig is a famous no go area for tourists and newcomers too.But shoving all this under the rug the rest is all great and your Mega Bucks Jack Pot is waiting for you.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Nice to visit once, not to live there ever - 5/10/2015

Las Vegas has changed forever since the invention of the online,Indian and Macao casinos.Save the outdated Strip, there is little else to see.Half of the city retail is dead, its filthy, crime is rampant,at around 8am and 3pm the city traffic crams into this insane outdated spaghetti bowl interchange freeway.June through September is over 100F.The bunch of suburban golden cage communities with its golf courses stick as sore thumbs around town,reminding me of the Panama City expat camps.Fly over is highly recommended.

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Las Vegas, NV

I LOVE LAS VEGAS - 12/3/2014

I absolutely adore this magnificent city and have lived here for the majority of my life. The suburbs are beautiful and most of the people I meet are very kind. The restaurants are incredible and rival both New York City and Paris. The shopping is world class. The shows are world class. Many of the homes in the affluent suburbs are beautiful. I highly recommend Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas, NV

Word of Life Christian Academy Pre-school - 12/2/2014

I read a poor review regarding Word of Life Christian Academy Pre-school. That person must of been anger about something, because that pre-school is AWESOME! The pre-school director has been there over 10 years. She can't be that bad. Just visit the school for yourself. Don't trust the reviews, however, most of them are positive ones. And no way is the school all about money, it is one of the cheaper schools in the city. Make sure you read the dates on these reviews because it is 2014 people and that school has really grown!!!

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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, A Personal View - 11/30/2014

I've lived here for 15 years. I've found that Las Vegas has a lot to offer. The cost of living is reasonable, housing is affordable, and there is always something to do either in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas. You can generally get a buffet for less than $10. There are free concerts, plays, and shows. There are free magazines that will show you where they are and when. As far as employment, it's about par with the nation. There are many agencies to help you through the tough times. My only complaint is the summer heat.

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Las Vegas, NV

Not a nice place to live - 11/17/2014

I have lived here for almost 8 years and hate it. The only thing keeping me here is the low cost of living. My biggest gripes are the sketchy people ,climate, and crime. My husband and I live in a condo in Summerlin, which is one of the nicest areas. Our neighbor was just evicted for conducting a Meth lab. My husband and I recently took a vacation to Utah and were amazed at how normal and nice everyone seemed. I did not want to come back to drug addicts, purple hair and criminals. Summers are HOT!!! Unbearable. What's really disapointing is I look forward to the fall and spring mild temperatures but it is ruined by wind! Crime is out of control. I drove to the east side of town and noticed lots of police activity. We have had numerous problems in our complex and police are too slow to respond, if they respond at all. I guess they are overloaded with calls! Home prices are very low compared to other states. So, once you buy property here, it will be difficult to find a comparable home in other states if you decide Vegas is not for you. The lure of the strip, attracted my husband and I to move to Vegas. Ironically it's the crime and corruption of living near the strip that is driving us out!

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Las Vegas, NV

Granny's pros & cons - 10/29/2014

Most places have pros and cons of why some people like living there and some people don't. Just look at what is important to you. Las Vegas can be Sin City, with gambling and sexy entertainment of the "night life". But it also has many quiet, friendly neighborhoods, malls, good jobs, and many churches. PROS: I do not go to "the strip" or casinos, but there are many activities to pursue around the area. There are many museums, cultural & art programs; check out the Springs Preserve or the Smith center. The layout makes it easy to get around town. School district has good bus transportation. There are many national parks near here, as well as Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. I can take an inexpensive bus ride to visit relatives & friends in southern California (or the beach!) if I don't want to make the four or five hour drive. It's a six hour drive to Salt Lake City and nine hours to lovely Lake Tahoe. Plane fares to almost anywhere are very reasonable. No state income taxes! CONS: Schools can be a bit tricky. Need to look at charter or magnet schools (no cost to families) for the better ones. It is HOT in July & August (desert climate), but no humidity makes it bearable. Much preferable to heat & humidity of NJ or Alabama!! And there is air conditioning in businesses, homes, and cars.

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Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Is a Great Place to Live - 10/27/2014

Las Vegas is a great city to live in! Been here over 10 years...moved here from small town Northern Utah. So many things to love: no snow to shovel, no icy roads ( is a desert), affordable housing, no state income tax, easy roadtrip distance to CA (without CA taxes), close to recreational opportunities (Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Mead, Death Valley), and low airfare to most of the country for travel. Surprisingly, I have a number of family members that have moved here from Hawaii and Utah due to lower cost of living and accessibility. Hawaiian Airlines flies direct to Vegas while SLC,UT is a 6 hour roadtrip! I find it interesting how negative some of these postings come across....The truth is that most locals that live in town for a permanent amount of time do not live on the Strip. We live in outer suburban areas with our families and pets. We go for walks in the mornings around the park and have outdoor bbq's with neighbors. I can only speak for myself, but some of these negative postings sound like they're coming from transient people running away from problems 'back home.' Moving to Las Vegas WILL NOT remove the problems you are running away from. Nevada history is full of pioneers that are tough, resilient characters that set out to make this desert a comfortable place we now can call home. For residents living in Las Vegas but are complaining that things aren't the way they would like, I encourage them to involve themselves with the community to create change. Las Vegas is a really big small town. We are NOT Los Angeles or New York, but do share some of the same restaurants, nightlife, and amenities! Compared to Utah, there are several occupations that pay substantially more in Las Vegas. The minimum wage in Nevada is above federal requirements. I feel for the pessimists on these forums because I really don't think they are taking advantage of what this city has to offer! On a side note for anyone that enjoys gardening, fall/winter/spring offers an easy growing season for cool season veggies without any work. My citrus fruits ripen from late October-April and I've just about picked all my ripe pomegranates off the tree in late October. As the weather cools, my hot tub gets used much more than the swimming pool and it's great weather outdoors for a fire-pit.

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Birmingham, AL

Trying to relocate to Vegas - 10/16/2014

I have been applying for jobs and sending in resumes all over the Nevada area, I am trying to relocate there from Alabama. I know at some point I will just have to quit my job and go out there and look but I need to save a little more. If it was just me I'd be ok but I have a little one to consider. Are there any companies willing to hire someone from out of state without a college degree. I have years of working experience just not a degree.

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Las Vegas, NV

Schools - 10/2/2014

Not a fan of The Las Vegas school I am using this site to compare other school systems for my two young boys.

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