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Wonderful place to see the worst of society - 9/7/2021
Shows the worst of American behavior and values. Right up there with New Orleans.
But there is a bright side. Liberals flock there. Please Read More

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Vegas, the home that everybody dreams about. - 8/14/2021
I went to Vegas to visit, and didn’t want to leave. Vegas had something for everyone, from the down and out, to the well to do, and everybody gets alone, because nobody judges anybody, and to top it off, the city is gorgeous and well maintained, except for the areas where it’s acceptable to be a bit unkempt( the Homeless camps) but that doesn’t spill over, or stop anybody from having fun, in the Common areas. I really enjoyed myself, and the only reason that I left was because I had responsibilities elsewhere, but it’s a great city, and I will recommend it to anyone who is not into a lot of Drama, and just likes to have fun, so yes, I’ll give Vegas 5 out of 5 stars, because it cover everything, and hides nothing, so everybody is free to be themselves, whatever makes them happy, as long as they doesn’t break any Legal Laws, but what you do morally is totally up to Read More

Great but ill mannered people is prevalent - 7/5/2021
Everything is available here from filipino cuisines to japanese shops to Winco's to themed cafes. However, the city is a little high in crime. Any side of the east side of vegas is a no-go (unless that's your jam) except for henderson which has been increasingly becoming a bad place due to ill-mannered uneducated people, or lake las vegas. Las vegas has so much to offer and is fairly cheap unless youre looking to rent/buy a home in the west side of vegas where even lots can be as expensive as a house in henderson. Currently homes in the west side can be as expensive as millions of dollars. Educated and civilized people tend to live on the west side. Uneducated, ill mannered, ill tempered people live on the east side. Tourists and closet *******s who try to appear pleasant tend to stay on the strip.
I really like this city, well, at least some parts of it. But to live in a safe area, you'll need to be earning a decent amount of money. Don't think about living in the west side of Read More

Vegas - The good, the bad, and the ugly - 6/14/2021
I’ve lived in las vegas all my life, I was born here, and here’s some things I feel like I’d want to share that you might only know from living here for a while.

DO NOT underestimate the summer heat here! Those highest recorded temperatures on weather sites? Those are literally the average every year. 115 degree ambient air temperature in a barren desert is HOT. The ambient air being 115 means that the sidewalk, pavement, door handles, cars, etc. are 25-50+ degrees hotter then that. Especially inside your vehicle! The inside of the vehicle regularly gets 127 - the seats burn you and you have to avoid the seatbelt for dear life, as funny as that sounds. So summers SUCK, as most people could probably infer!
Also due to the excessive heat (talking literally “excessive heat warnings daily for around 2 months straight out of the year” excessive), the power bill in summer is enormous unless you’ve got solar to displace it some- even with that, which I’ve got, you’re Read More

Las Vegas & the Surrounding Areas are GREAT! - 5/4/2021
I've lived here for 23 years, a transplant from the East Coast. The weather here is fantastic. Yes the temps reach high #'s in mid-July for 2 weeks, otherwise it's below 100 with the very low humidity so it's quite comfortable (feels like mid 80's) and once the sun sets its absolutely gorgeous!
The cost of living is 1/2 that of a major city, a 3BD home of 2300+ sq. ft. is about $325,000, the highways are easy to travel (work commutes 15 min), Entertainment is unbeatable & the suburbs are quiet! Summerlin & Henderson NV are rated as 2 of the Best Places to live in the USA, filled with Garden Parks, Bike & Walking Trails, just beautiful! Location is fantastic, you can obviously fly from or to anywhere reasonably, there are many National Parks (Red Rock, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Valley of Fire) within minutes to hours in every direction. Pro Sports are on their way, the Vegas Golden Knights, 1 of the best in the NHL, great local support & they play at the State of the Art Read More

Don't be tempted to move here. - 3/16/2021
Have lived here since 1998. Hate it. Spouse says we are too old to make another cross-country move. So I will die here. Miserable. Don't be tempted to move here because of no state income tax. I'm a penny-pinching SOB and it wasn't worth whatever I saved in taxes. Barren landscape, hellish Read More

Greater Expectations - 1/15/2021
I moved here from Southern California about 6 months everyone else. I lucked out blindly choosing to live in a community called "Providence" and not North Las Vegas or some other questionable place for newbies cause let me tell you, there are definitely areas to stay away from. Just general places that have a vibe to them. At first, it was noticeably cheaper, but then the novelty starts to wear off when it doesn't seem to really make that big of a difference. Without question, rent and homes are more affordable - but that's coming from California, so not many places wouldn't be in comparison. I moved here for VA Healthcare/specialty care services and it happened to be somewhere I could afford to live on my own - so win win, right? Not really. I'm sure Covid is a factor in a lot of things, but I recently went looking to purchase a townhouse on a VA loan, thinking my mortgage would be cheaper than rent. Here's the thing about these developed neighborhoods in Read More

Hell on Earth - 1/5/2021
We moved away the first week of December and yesterday I had to make a quick trip back on business. OMG, conditions are worse than they were when we left! The air pollution is unbelievable, we coughed and sneezed the whole time we were there, the litter on the side of the roads is as bad as I have ever seen litter anywhere. Homeless and beggars on streets corners everywhere we went, congested traffic and Vegas cops thick as thieves on the main drags...I thank God we were able to get out of here and that we will never be back. The city is a hell hole, please do not move Read More

Sure it's relative, but really it's awful - 10/9/2020
I have lived in Las Vegas for 22+ years. Essentially I grew up here, went through the Clark County School System, went to UNLV, started my career here. I've seen the city go from about 500k people to now about 3 million. Though I did grow up here, I have spent a lot of time elsewhere, with family all over the country- various cities, small towns, etc- I have experienced a lot of other places and I feel I can give an honest assessment of what Vegas is like.

What you think of Vegas is extremely relative- but it's not for me and I feel is getting worse and worse annually. Actually since Covid, it seems like it's declining monthly.

If you're from a crappy, expensive and large city-Vegas seems great because to you, it's affordable, there is a lot to do here entertainment wise, etc.
Most people who move here and tend to genuinely like it are typically young, single people who love to party, frankly tend to be shallow and are just looking to appear flashy, Read More

Trying to be fair in my review - 7/31/2020
I recently went to Vegas on a 7 day vacation to see my new granddaughter. First the pluses: I like the mountainous views, the lights of the strip and the weather. Now the negatives: Most of the people that were nice to us were in the service industry such as on the strip or at a restaurant serving us. At places like stores such as grocery and Walmart the workers tended to be rude and or just didn't care to help the customers find what they were looking for and I even had an employee yell at me for trying to get a cart that he was getting ready to take back into the store. For a state that gives its citizens a pretty good social safety net compared to my home state of Texas, the people in Nevada seem to be just miserable. Back here at home at the stores the employees will go out of their way to help a customer find what they are looking for yet in Vegas at one Walmart 4 out of 5 employees pointed me to the wrong part of the store for an item and not one of them offered to show me in Read More

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