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Reviews for Aurora, Colorado

Caitlyn Gillette
Centreville, VA
I have lived in Aurora for most of my life, born and ra...
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Samantha Friend
Denver, CO
Pretty good bargain
Realestate and rents have been going up, but still incr...
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Samantha Schlim
Aurora, CO
The climate we are a changing...
I've only lived here about 6 years but wow what a chang...
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Dave Wilks
Aurora, CO
Great place to live
Aurora gets a bad rap, some if it deservedly so, but it...
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Michael Burt
Cheyenne, WY
Not a bad place to live
We came here from southern California via Cheyenne, WY,...
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Samantha Schlim
Aurora, CO
Sunny Days...
It's so great waking up to sunshine almost every day. E...
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