This City is a Dump

Star Rating 6/15/2007
I have to rate this place as one of the worst places to live in America. Besides a few things here and there, this place is boring, crime and gang ridden, pollution and smoke everywhere, and very ghetto. I have lived in several other cities, but this is by far the worst. I am currently looking for employment in another city. This place is the pits.



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Leilani G.

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I've lived in Memphis, Tn. most of my life. I'm a black American. My views on Memphis is this. It is a boring little town and not a city. Just one step away from the horse and buggy era. Public transportation System (buses) are antiqued, you have to wait 30 minutes to a hour and a half sometimes. There are many places the buses don't go. Having a car is a must in Memphis. This the same transportation system since 1968 with very few changes added. Since this is supposed to be a big city shouldn't have a commuter train service by now. Crime in Memphis is really quite small compared to other cities. The few incidents we have the Memphis Bozo News really builds it up. I live in South Memphis , nick named Lil Beirut. I'm not afraid in my house or out of it. When I ran out of cigarettes @ 9:00 pm one night, I walked two blocks to the corner store. Because, I didn't feel like driving, and I was not accosted. The activities in Memphis are boring from the shopping, restaurants, and social activities. No one wants to do anything different. Its almost as if everyone has the same like mind. Beale Street is supposed to be the home of the blues, but different clubs and restaurants on Beale street are promoting everything except the blues. The Memphis City Council are receiving free money for doing nothing as this city dies . We need new people for the city council, who are well traveled and have a vision for Memphis if it is to survive and thrive.



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