Minnesota Nice = Passive Aggressive

Star Rating 3/9/2012
Worst place to live ever! People are so rude! Jobs are plentiful if you dont mind working amongst complete jerks. Most are crazy liberal, vegan, and snobby. So pathetically self righteous. And of course their opinions are the only correct ones. Save yourself the aggravation and move somwhere else. The winters are almost as miserable as the people.



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Minnesota natives are so rude. They will just look at you with their mouth open instead of replying. The Norwegian roots make these people clueless. Clerks in stores never say hello or thank you, they just look at u with their mouth hanging open...won't even tell you the total. This place sucks! The liberal mindset is out of control and there are rainbow flags in front of churches.



Amen! I am a native Minnesotan, and made the mistake of moving back after years of living in California. Minnesota Nice is true, and also not a compliment! Signed -Happy in Texas



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