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 mariana larrazabal
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I have being living in Florida for 8 years but I am originally from South America. I came to the US to go to college, during those college years I met my husband who is from Massachusetts and who didn’t want to move to Latin America. Now we have almost 3 years married and he wants to go back to Mass in the next year or so…. But I am kind of afraid since every blog that I read about living in Mass you will find people being racist against Latin people or making reference that people are racist in the state. People here in Florida are used to people with accents and it doesn’t matter your nationality you will find a good job and friends from every where in the world. I just don’t want to be miserable there. I am not looking for a Latin community either and I am used to rude people... we have lots here. Could anyone be honest and tell me the reality of a Latin girl graduated is the States and married to American guy should expect from Mass?



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Guillermo B.

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Hello Mariana, I am from Mass. also and my wife is from Peru. I have relocated to CT 6 years ago, but grew up in Northampton area. I think the rural towns tend be a little racist towards Latin people, but you have to realize the reason. I think one reason is that my area at least, has a large Puerto Rican population, and Mass. being so liberal with welfare and public assistance, many generations of PR people immigrated here and are living off the welfare system. Many of these people have given Spanish speaking people a really bad image, because for the most part, the ones coming here to live on welfare are really low class, uneducated, lazy people who want a free ride...and the state gives it to them. New Englanders in general tend to be a little reserved with their personalities, and often difficult to open up right away, but I assure you, there are many warm hearted New Englanders, once you get to know them. My wife, said she would never want to move back to Mass. because of how cold the people seem to be and the racist "impression' she has. Again, thank the bad Puerto Ricans for this image. Northampton is far more accepting and open to all people than some of the other surrounding towns. I hope this helps you a little bit. Que Dios te bendiga mucho!!!



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