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Star Rating 3/30/2012
There really not a whole of nice things to say about Austin Tx but the pros about Austin is that is a nice city compare to other cities in Texas and Austin is a whole lot nicer than EL Paso and San Antonio. Downtown Austin is very nice because of things to do and a nice park around the lake. The weather is only nice a few months out of a year and that during the winter. Nov,Feb and March is nice weather months. The cons are that the weather here is terrible here during the summer time and its starts in May until middle of Sept. Its gets very hot and humid and not as much rain and the last five summers has been hotter and drier than normal.Hopefully the rain will come back this summer but is very likely that summer is going to be a problem with lack of rain. Drought is a big problem here, it may be rainy a lot during the winter and spring but drought always manage to come back. Some areas of Austin is very bad and run down like east Austin. Traffic is awful here and getting worse every year. The traffic lights here is a joke because its like a three year old has set up these traffic signals to control the traffic. The roads are not very well lay out to control traffic because its not wide enough and needs an extra lane and a turning lane is needed near the traffic signals. All the roads here are too small to handle a large volume of traffic. If you look at Phoenix Az and compare the street there in Phoenix is a whole lot better in Phoenix because Phoenix has a larger streets with more lanes and a much better Traffic signals. Phoenix is a much bigger city than Austin but I notice its easier to drive in Phoenix than Austin because its so easy to get around. Austin has a terrible roads that traffic is so bad here. I-35 is horrible going both directions because its three lanes in Downtown and getting on and off is hard sometimes its an old design from the 50's. Housing market is not so great but its might a little better than its has been. Not very much sight seeing leaving out of Austin and its looks rather boring. There are very rude drivers everywhere here in Austin and they get right up your car rear bumper if you are going the speed limit or even a little over speed limit and people drive pretty bad here well I guess its because the roads are not big enough that people gets very frustrated. People here are not very friendly and nice and but there are some very nice people around don't get me wrong. I am fixing to move out of Austin to Bend Oregon this summer because I want to live in a small city with only 85000 people and plus the weather in Oregon is so much more comfortable than Texas weather. In Oregon there a lot of sight seeing and ocean is near by and the its blue not brown like the gulf of Mexico. Its time for me to move on and say good bye to Austin Tx and seven years of Austin is enough.



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