A good place to live!

Star Rating 4/9/2009
Alliance is a great place to live if you understand what it won't be. It is not the big city. Don't expect fancy restaurants, plays, concerts, or lots of nightlife. It is a small rural town with great parks, a 5 plex movie theater, a low cost of living -- average 24% below national averages, decent jobs, and friendly people.

It doesn't have a lot of shopping but you can find most things in town you are looking for -- just not at the big boxes you are used to in the major cities. It is an easy place to walk and to commute. NO traffic. Great churches and nearby to many things including all types of outdoor recreation.



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Dixie N.

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This is a truly realistic way of looking at Alliance. If you look for things to do, there are plenty that don't cost an arm and leg. Quality of life is superb.



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