Really a very good city to live in...I'm just tire

Star Rating 1/28/2011
By the time I leave Chicago, I will have lived here 32 years. I came as a young, single adult; it has definitely improved. I'm an urban person and there's just about everything here for someone like me. It's also not that expensive, certainly not as much as San Fran., NYC or even LA. But I've always wanted to live on the East Coast, so I'm moving there, I hope. (Just have to find the right city...)



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Reviews for Chicago, Illinois

Eugene Berezin
Clearwater, FL
Fun city. High crime rate and cold winter
I've lived in Chicago for about 3 years. It wasn't b...
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John Stern`
Chicago, IL
A city bent on destroying itself
I am a 52-year-old professional. I was born and raised...
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TJ Parker
Chicago, IL
Lakeshore East - A Gem to Consider
There's a lot to say about the general quality of life ...
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TJ Parker
Chicago, IL
Chicago - Don't Move Here if You Like Nature and A
After living in Chicago for 11 years, in a variety of n...
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Lola Ziemer
Chicago, IL
My Experience
I have lived in Chicago for 14 years and Chicago has be...
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sheldon kirshner
Chicago, IL
Winter is too long and too cold. Not as bad as Wiscons...
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