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Star Rating 4/8/2011
I've been visiting Santa Fe for years and continue to find it a wonderful place. Touristy a bit? Yes, in spots. Expensive? Yes, in many cases. Is it perfect? No. Personally, I haven't found that perfect place yet. I don't know what some of those writing negative reviews are expecting: no place this livable and attractive and culturally rich is NOT going to expensive real estate and restaurants. You have to decide what you want and what compromises you're willing to make . . . but Santa Fe has a lot to offer.



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Welcome to The Land of Manana. Drugs, Dirty, Dusty. This town is full of arrogant artsy types who care less about upholding the law (drunk driving here is prevalent)! Try calling the City of Santa Fe when you have a landlord who's gladly taking your $ 1k a month for an unfurnished studio, but when you go weeks without heat and water during the winter with -20F degree windchills and are forced to reside in hotels for months on end- no one will return your call or offer assistance as to what to do! Joke! Do yourselves all a favor and realize why the town of 400+ yrs has had little to no growth in population. You'll see in the census that there was 16% growth since 2000, but according to the locals- it's all the illegals who have added to the population. As for me- Self Preservation! I escaped with my life. Thank you God! Sperling must have friends in these towns. Call it a great place so you can move there and have your money siphoned by his people/cronies who pay him. Research? Hogwash! Do your own, it will be worth it!



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