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"Read the reviews below me..."

Read the reviews below me... - 8/21/2008
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I cosign all the other reviews. They've said everything I was going to say. Like every city, Baltimore has it's good side and an ugly side. Unfortunately, the bad heavily outweighs the good. I've lived in Baltimore for the past 25 years and am getting the heck outta dodge.

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re: Read the reviews below me... - 8/21/2008 - 6/14/2010
Hi everyone, Im french and I want to go in america this summer for about one week and I hesitate between some cities like LA, Washington, Phoenix and bALTIMORE.What are the interesting places in this city? what are the places to avoid due to violence? thanks

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Lutherville Timonium, MD

BestPlaces - 2/2/2016

I would like to use this for my website and news letter.

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Baltimore, MD

Undervalued real estate - 8/21/2015

There is much beautiful housing here for surprisingly little money (if you come from any big coastal city I can think of). Lincoln, Nebraska may be less expensive. Baltimore's problems are famous, but in many ways -- museums, music, art / music schools, inner harbor, food scene, some effort to address the problems without just sweeping them away by pushing them to the margins and giving their area a different city name. . . . Lousy public education for the most part and not really functioning public transportation, so you'll need a car and private schools for your kids unless you want to get involved in the school system to help fix it. . . It's sad, because Baltimore is otherwise a great (and improving) town.

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Elkhart, IN

looking for short term rental..3 months in safe ar - 6/19/2015

wanting help finding safe place to live (rent) for 3 months in Baltimore MD

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Essex, MD

baltimore healthcare - 11/14/2014

Some of the greatest hospitals in the world, if you can afford them. Great for people with special medical needs.

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Baltimore, MD

Health Care - 10/24/2013

Maryland has some of the best health care programs in the USA. They include prestigious places like Johns Hopkins Medical Center as well as the chains including the one where I work-Medstar. There are speciality programs including the National Hand Center and the Donor Sites like University of Maryland in Baltimore. Health Care is easy access in Baltimore by bus and Community hospitals offer free services as well through their community health financial programs.

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Dundalk, MD

Cost of Lliving in Baltimore - 9/20/2013

Baltimore county was once a fair place to live in. Not any more. the cost of living in the county has skyrocketed Leaving it's middle class, hard working citizens fighting to pay their bills, send their children to school, and buy food, health care ect. Crime has gong up in the county, even in what was once "nice neighborhoods".Cell Phone thefts are up, destruction of property, robberies and even assault, rape and murder. Illicit drug use is fairly high. Add that now to the fact that the county shut down many factories that kept families going, like Sparrows point and General motors. With the shut down of these two factories alone, families began struggling and many moved away. Then came the tearing down of General motors, the projects on the city county line, and RATS moved into the county neighborhoods. To combat this problem , however, the county decided to cut the number of trash collection days, and spend its money sending out inspectors to see if trash can lids were on the citizens cans. If not a hefty fine awaited them. The money could have better been used to put down rat bait and help clear the rat problem out, used for an extra day of trash collenction to keep the trash to a minimum. oh but they haven't stopped there. Included in the rising prices were increases in property tax. a rain tax, a tax if you lived in the county and worked in the city, a bottle tax if you bought bottles of drinks in the city, and now they are utilizing speed cameras, red light cameras are coming, school crossing cameras, to also generate more county income. In addition to this all toll roads increased, and now trucks will get to pay and additional fee for using those roads on top of the already toll increase. many of the roads are not repaired, the structure of the main water lines/pipes are in decay,sink holes have formed in various areas/city and county. The school system has gone down in their values and ethics and educational curriculum.If you can't afford a private school or your child is not in a magnet school, he or she will find it harder to enter into college after 12th grade graduation. The Police are swamped, the retail stores, like Sears, has few employees working at one time.( I was in their store the other day and their was only one cashier for the entire store) Neighborhoods that were once kept up by residents are going down hill, because their owners can't afford all the fees, taxes, food, gas,cost of living hikes and spending money on the upkeep of their own homes on a regular basis. I find this so SAD!! I have lived in this area for most of my life and I am nearing retirement age. With the way things are going here, I am looking at if it is feasible for me to even retire in this town. I have been looking at other states for retirement purposes and lower cost of living which will be needed on what little any of us who retire here, will have left out of our pensions and SS. While Public transportation is more abundant here in Maryland. specifically Baltimore, It is not known if it will continue in this fashion and if so, what rising cost will occur with its use also. The citizens here realy need to come together and begin working on plans for the future of this county, or it is going to go down like so many other cities/counties in other states have done. WE are taxed to death in Maryland, fee's are growing for everything that anyone sneezes up. The only thing not on the rise is our Paychecks, and better education. Dose Baltimore realy want this legacy for it's children and Grandchildren? I sure hope not!

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Baltimore, MD

doing better - 3/15/2012

Confuse about baltimore

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Pikesville, MD

Great Place For Section Eight Voucher Holders-Not - 3/6/2012

I have lived in Baltimore City/County all my life and have worked very hard only to see that the only people receiving help are those that refuse to work or the people that buddy up with the social workers so they can recieve benefits illegally. The cost of living here is sky high and jobs have stopped giving employees cost of living increases to accomodate the rise. Not to mention the apartments and houses here are ridiculously over-priced for the garbage that they offer! The school system here is great for children in magnet schools or private schools. The traffic, not as bad as some states, just plan ahead. And the night life becomes repetitive. So most Baltimorians travel to DC to party. THe city cries broke however the red light cameras speed cameras and new laws are earning millions in revenue! They are doing a pretty decent job rebuilding downtown Baltimore, I must say, but I'd hate to go in detail as to why....its home to me and I love my Ravens but I'm currently looking for more out of life! This just cant be IT!!! Peace & Blessings

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Deja Vu
Baltimore, MD

Baltimore as a Whole - 12/23/2011

Yes its a really good city... People have always based Baltmore of what they have seen on the wire and thats not the case. Yes there maybe crime here but no more than that of other cities. I have lived in Baltimore all of my life and quite frankly all of this crap that unexperienced people talk about gets on my last nerve. Most people actually fall in love with city and nine times out of ten do not get their lives threatened so people grow up, sit back and relax, and enjoy this charming city.

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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore: under-rated gem - 12/20/2011

Ten years ago I moved from Southern California to Baltimore for its low cost of living (specifically: I could afford to live here on a part-time salary), vibrant neighborhoods, and ever-expanding arts scene. If you're into a monied lifestyle (everything clean and pretty and homogenous and consumer-oriented) than you are better off in DC. Or San Diego. Or Seattle. But if you are a DIY person, if you value REAL diversity (of race AND class), if you like to be part of making something rather than just buying into something, you might just fall in love with Baltimore - I know I did.

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tierra j
Baltimore, MD

Why - 9/5/2011

Please don't waste your time coming here. They crime rate is so high that you can not sit on your porch without the police staring in your face.

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Baltimore, MD

From a Midwesterner's Perspective - 1/15/2011

I moved to Baltimore four years ago for a job and now I'm trying to get out. There are a lot of things I do like about living in Baltimore but the negatives outweigh everything. Pros There are many friendly people here. I've lived a lot of places honestly believe the people are among the friendliest I've ever seen. Lots of great, inexpensive restaurants. Easy access to other east coast cities. Lots of diversity. Cons Housing is expensive if you want to live in a nice neighborhood. The property taxes are high which makes it even worse. Crime is bad. If you live in a nice neighborhood you won't notice it too much at home. But if you work downtown, like a lot of people do, odds are you will get mugged, especially if you're a woman. Public transportation is really unreliable. The town I moved here from - which had about 200,000 people, had much better public transportation. If you work a job which requires you to be on time every day this makes it very difficult to rely on the public transportation. That leads me to another point: Car insurance. I moved to Baltimore without a car but soon realized I needed to buy one. If you live within city limits expect to pay A LOT for car insurance. Not much to do other than drink at bars and go out to eat but even this is spoiled. The "fun" neighborhoods like Fells Point and Federal Hill are overrun by drunks every weekend and they inflict a lot of property damage on people's cars and homes. The police do little about it because they have better things to do. There are few places to go out and have a nice quiet drink on the weekends. Taxes are high but you get little in return. I'm not one of these people who complains about taxes all the time - I really don't mind paying them. But the roads and schools are terrible in the city, which makes it even more expensive. I've already had one significant issue with my car because of the roads and if I had kids, I'd be forced to send them to private schools (which will run you 12-20K a year here). Bottom line is that Baltimore is not very livable unless you have enough money to buy your way out of all of the problems - and forget starting a family here. This is why many people live here for a few years and move away.

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Baltimore, MD

Small City - Big Personality - 1/12/2011

If you are looking for a city that is small in size, easy to navigate, yet has a ton of things to do, the Baltimore just might be the city for you. Plus, it's in close proximity to other cities and areas of interest. I have enjoyed living here, so check out information on Baltimore if you are thinking of a change!

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Baltimore, MD

Affordable Housing - 1/4/2011

One of the benefits of living in the Baltimore metropolitcan area is access to affordable housing. Prices in the past 3 years have adjusted to reasonable levels, so that a first time buyer can find a great entry first home that fits her/his budget.

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Gilbert, AZ

Good for vacation, probably not for living - 12/7/2010

My husband and I visited Baltimore for about one full day while on my honeymoon to DC in May '09. We are from Phoenix and the east coast was a huge and much welcomed change of pace for us! We were so pleased with proximity of all of these interesting and historical locations just a short train ride away from each other. I really enjoyed the time we spent in DC and Baltimore(went to an Orioles game and walked around for a little while.) But, just from what I witnessed during our short time there was the poverty and interesting nooks of good vs. bad housing locations. I have watched many episodes of "The Wire" and went in kinda of knowing what to expect. We walked from Penn Station to Camden Yards and never once felt unsafe. Granted, this was during the day but I didn't feel like anyone was following us or bothering us for loose change. We stumbled upon Faidley's in Lexington Market and they were the most delicious crab cakes I have ever had. All in all it was a good trip but I didn't feel like we got the full effect of what Baltimore has in store. From what I gather with the previous posts, it is deteriorating fast and that is a real shame.

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Baltimore, MD

A mostly rough city with a few good areas. - 9/30/2010

I was disappointed with Baltimore when I moved here. While I heard that the city was rough, I wasn’t expecting this. Most of the city is rough with good “pockets”. You can be on a street with $800k homes, walk two blocks up and it looks like a war zone. The people are friendly enough. And if you’re into the bar and club scene there are a few areas I would hang out, but not many. Some of the areas t the city are Charming (hence the nickname Charm City), but for the most part I wouldn’t want to be caught out at night. I think the housing is overpriced for what you get. If you notice a house on the market that’s pretty cheap with fancy upgrades, RUN! It’s probably in a bad area. The job market is ok, depending on what field you work in. I work in healthcare so I had some options. Overall I think Baltimore is just a city that’s run by corrupt greedy individuals that care nothing about the residents and more about themselves, and boy does it show! Needless to say I won’t be calling Baltimore my permanent home.

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Baltimore, MD

Arts and Culture - 5/29/2010

Baltimore has a great symphony and MD Institute College of Art, close proximity to New York, DC, Philadelphia art centers and is relatively cheap to live in compared to those other cities. There are many cultural events if you are so inclined to participate in them.

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Perry Hall, MD

bmore - 12/30/2009

All i know is Baltimore. We live 15 minutes north in Perry Hall. Very diverse and very affordable compared to Howard, Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties. B is full of great live music, new food and small communities. The problem is you cant venture beyond MLK BLVD is you value your life. Yes, people talk about crime, but B takes it to the highest violent level. Its sad, but the city government is so racist that they turn a blind eye to the huge Gang problem that is tearing the city up. The police have their hands tied. It you want to live in the city, go to Fells, Canton or Federal hill. Other than that, go north outside the beltway. Ocean and mountains are both 2.5 hours away. The bay provides awesome boating and water sports. Be safe when you visit.

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Reisterstown, MD

Only gets worse - 10/24/2009

NOTE - The Baltimore METRO area is not so bad - but once you cross that city/county line ....Anyone who is considering moving into Baltimore City should really do their homework. This city has a really bad crime problem, and the votors seem to be bent on urban suicide with electing the least-qualified to public office. The Inner harbor has declined a bit but is still reasonably nice, but once you head east, west or north a few blocks, it is bad. Johns Hopkins has built the new BioTech Parks and provides housing - this is attracting medical researchers to move here - I don't care if they provide armed security guards 24/7, this is not a people-friendly city. We used to rehad properties in the Highlandtown/Patterson Park area and had so many tools stolen and vehicles broken into that we just gave up. "A word to the wise is sufficient".

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Baltimore, MD

Baltimore County - 7/26/2009

Nice area, good schools, less crime compared to city, cheaper insurance and higher valued homes.

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