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Star Rating 5/16/2011
At first glance, I was tempted by the negative reviews of the Springs to skip it as a potential place to live. But when you have spent a lot of time in big cities like Phoenix, L.A. and Philadelphia, you tend to laugh at people that claim that medium sized cities like the Springs has bad traffic and crime. C'mon, give me a break! There has to be a reason why the Springs always gets voted as one of the Top 50 places to live in almost every survey every year.



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Reviews for Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dillon Welsh
Colorado Springs, CO
Good but declining
This place was great until weed attracted waves of junk...
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TJ Wasalewis
Peyton, CO
I misspoke, sales tax is 8.25%...
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TJ Wasalewis
Peyton, CO
Moved here for Grandchildren
Have lived here for 4 years now, moving from Northweste...
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Suzanne Bailey
Colorado Springs, CO
Too expensive too much crime
Too many negatives to write, only good thing is mild we...
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Anthony Flores
Prattville, AL
I was worried, moving from Los Angeles, that this would...
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Sandi Archer
Colorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs not all change is good 12-2016
My husband and I moved from Tampa, Fl to Colorado Sprin...
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