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I believe every city is what you make of it. I find that people that complain tend to just be negative people and the ones that enjoy Austin would probably find the good in wherever they live. So as a real estate agent I believe it is all about finding a place that fits your personality. But the facts are if your not used to heat the summers will bother you. If your used to a great mass transit system we are getting there but still fall short so the traffic from driving may be a problem. The positives far out way the negatives that is why everyone is moving here and why it is consistantly voted one of the top cities to live in. We are now on so many best list I have lost count and they are well deserved. Most of the negative comments I have read from people on here kind of make me laugh because if they had done any research they would probably know it is hot here, and if heat bothers you why move here. LOL I consider the source with comments like that. If education, low crime rate, healthy life style, great job growth, strong ecomomy, and so much more bother you I would not move here.



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