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 Bradley Johnson
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Star Rating 2/22/2011
I will keep this short and sweet. High taxes, high property taxes, high business taxes, high state taxes, high income taxes, high gas taxes... we are drowning in high taxes that will continue to climb as the years go up. Food is off the charts expensive here. True, they do not charge you taxes on food, but the actual food costs are crazy expensive. They also do not charge you taxes on medication, but the double edged sword on this is the way over priced health care and insurance. They do not charge you taxes on clothes either, but you already know... there is an extreme mark up on the clothes. Shop at the famous MOA (Mall of America)? Yeah, bring your paycheck. Everything there has it's own special little mark up too.

I am very disappointed at the summers here. They are hot and humid, granted they are not like Texas, but uncomfortable to say the least. If you think you are going to go out and play in the summer and play at Valley Fair or take a sweet trip to Duluth (why is beyond me anyway being that this city is really just an industrial town) forget about it! People here worship summer and everything is super crowded to where you cannot enjoy the time you have there and if you think that it's cheap... tickets at Valley Fair were $40 a person for an all day pass that you get to stand an hour for in line per ride... yeah, fun woohoo. Want to stay the night in Duluth.. lol good luck with finding a hotel there that has a vacancy that wasn't booked a year in advanced.

Want to buy a house? I would really think twice about it before you did. Minneapolis/St Paul have many old homes that are made of stucco and have more of a mold problem than homes in New Orleans after Katrina. The term Ice Dam strikes fear in every home owner here and if you have a stucco home with a bad ice dam problem.. look out baby, you are going to get ripped! Expect to invest at least $2000 a year in ice dam removal along with you guessed it, HIGH HIGH HIGH Property Taxes.

Schools here... what a joke! These people let the kids run the school. My child decided that she didn't want to turn the assignments in anymore and when I spoke to the teacher about why they didn't push the child for the assignments (as well as I did. I am very involved with my child's education and make sure they do as they are supposed to in school, which is why I know that they are not turning in the assignments), they simply stated that they feel that when the child decides to finish the work and turn it in, they will then grade it. I asked what about if they decide not to ever turn the assignment in. The response was they would not grade it, but give them another assignment that is related and go off of that grade... what? If I neglected to finish an assignment, I got a big fat 0. These kids get a second, third, forth or fifth chance to do it. Ugh! I don't care a thing in the world about the scores... I've noticed that my child has no structure and no incentive to do any of their work in school. My child states that the teachers will not do anything about it and they don't feel like trying. I hit the floor in shock!

Minnesota is for some people and it's not for others. It's not for me. I come from a completely different culture and that Minnesota's political views clashes with everything that I grew up believing. I do not believe in spreading of the wealth. I work really hard for what I have and I do not find it fair to have to give it to people who wish to sit on their butts all day and collect. If you are thinking of moving here and you are successful in life, you will be drained of everything you make and save... fair warning.



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I moved back here in December, after being in a different state for three years. I had originally moved to Minnesota in 1994, from the East Coast. I am leaving at the end of November, when the lease is up. I was lured here by a CPA (who despite his intelligence on accounting/taxation, is really your typical, insular, backward Minnesotan) with the promise of 500 tax clients and a decent income for only three months of work. Instead, his uneducated, Fargo sounding receptionist of 19 years stole my clients since she and her Fargo sounding husband needed more money. I had been in this line of work for 11 years; she two - preparing taxes. Then, of course, the CPA says I "disrupted" the office? Oh, I'm sure with my East Coast accent. It is not a friendly place; never has been. Minnesota Nice is BS, to say the least. People here don't work hard. They resent having to use their personal and free time for other matters. (Where I worked for all of one month, another employee's wife was going to physical therapy appointments on work time and then she and her husband wondered why she was called into the office, stating she has to do that on her days off, or without pay. You think food is high here. Try gas, due to the monopoly that Holiday has on the area, and is allowed to get away with it since it is a locally based employer. Minnesota and its people are very insular and inbred. One of my favorites here is how they will be "pretending" they are working - moving papers around, looking all over the place - when you are trying to have a conversation with them. They are very strange people. And, I know that since I have lived other places. And, you certainly don't want people to know you are not from here - weren't born here and didn't attend high school here (like a recently elected Council person does; she will never admit to anyone and doesn't bring up the fact she didn't live here for the first two decades of her life). They act on email and on the phone to be so damn nice, but in person, they back off and put up their walls. They'll take your money, but will never give your directions to their home. The roads are terrible. They don't fix their potholes. I fell later January - tripping over a commercial property owners built up ice since he was too lazy and cheap to clear it regularly - and I was told by lawyers with the county referral system that "this is Minnesota in January; these things happen." Oh, I guess that's the nice BS part. I figured I had to return here to finally realize that I will never look back on this place again. I'd rather pay a tax on cheaper food and clothing and lower gas prices and live in a more heavily traveled part of the country where you will not have an insular culture.



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