People here are not very bright

 Aidan Jamison-fischer
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Star Rating 2/15/2007
Full of ignorant masses. AZ has to import smart people from out of state because the schools are so substandard, they cannot develop the the talent needed to keep phoenix going.
A lot of the natives here experience the behemoth correctional system replete with max and supermax prisons, DWI prisons, and even a "tent city" where the common criminal goes for a short bid.
Phoenix is full of low wage jobs for mediocre people. If you are not very bright, and you like doing collections or customer service in a call center for 8 bucks an hour, this is your MECCA.
also, you will be surrounded by rude, stupid people who can't drive.



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Darrell T.

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The McDaniel's Estimated Average IQ Score in 2004 put Arizona at #43 in average I.Q. I find it impossible to believe that 7 states are stupider than Arizona, though the McDaniel rating of absolute bottom in education is entirely believable. I assist Arizonians by phone on average 30 times a night, 6 days a week. These people consistently: do not think an apartment number is part of their address; don't think their last name is part of their "full name"; can not read individual words when asked; can not distinguish left from right; can not answer a yes-or-no question in fewer than 1,000 words, but answer multiple-choice questions with "yes" or "no"; don't understand the words "on" and "off", or the phrase "push the button", or the meaning of "the top item on a list", or that a cable or cord has 2 ends, or the instruction "look at...", or that electrical appliances have power cords. Far from being isolated cases of outright stupidity, Arizonians who exhibit none of these mental deficiencies are rare. The unwillingness to use one's brain in Arizona is evident in young men, old ladies, business owners and multiple home owners alike. I agree with the rudeness factor too, as the favorite hobby in Arizona seems to be interrupting, and another popular one is flying off the handle and pitching a fit after hearing the first part of a sentence, and having no idea what is being said to them. Apes have more self-control than Arizonians, and decorum and civil behavior were obviously not taught to these "people" when they were children.



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