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 lee scaroni
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Star Rating 6/24/2009
Let me say that medford, oregon is a very beautiful. Slow pace relaxing. Medford is a retirement city work is hard to find unless you have skill they are looking for i.e. phamarcy aide, or tech, pt aide, ot aide. While i lived there both hospitals went into a hiring freeze. The housing prices are very good and now is the time to buy because the builders are dealing and the foreclosure market is good. On the east side of Medford the school is sharing with Phoneix, Talant, and Medford. The east side is still being developed but has slowed or stopped because of the recession. The cost of living is the same has through out the U.S. There is plenty to do in the Medford area however in the winter its slows down. The winter in Medford are very mild they have what they call is fairy snow. After it stops snowing the snow melts in about 3-4 hrs except in the foothills and mountians. The winter temperture is about 40 during the day and in the 20 at night. The newer homes are well insulated and you wont feel the cold at night or day. One word of caution Medford has an inversion layer where the air stalnates and doesnt move for 2 to 3 days this is not good if you have respirator problems on these days they recommend that everybody stay in door. I hope this little bit of information helps.



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