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 John mcpeak
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Star Rating 2/12/2010
I am Disabled and I wear an; A.F.O. ( ankle foot orthotic )Brace.
Hanger Prosthesis & Orthotics, in my opinion, is the worst Company I have ever encountered to fit me with an A.F.O.. I have been waiting 8 months to receive a fitted A.F.O. from HANGER PROSTHESIS & ORTHOTICS and it should have taken NO more than 2 months MAX!!! I have used 2 other Companies for previous A.F.O.s; Restorative Health Services and Superior Health Services, and neither of them took over 2 months to make any of my Braces; I do have documents to support my allegation's.
BJ Stagner, Fitter & Field Manager for Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics; in my opinion, does not know how to conduct business as a Professional nor does he know how to Fit me with an A.F.O.. I believe I "hurt his feelings" back in July/August 2009 and since then he has Slow Walked me on my Brace.
Mr. Stagner who I feel is responsible for me not receiving a Brace, has caused me Pain, Suffering, Depression, Anxiety, and further physical and emotional problems. Due to a condition I suffer from; called "Foot Drop", has caused me to Fall To The Ground several times further injuring my body.
So as a Citizen of Murfreesboro Rutherford County TN. I would suggest that No one go to Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics for the care and making of an A.F.O., "in my opinion"!!!

John S. McPeak



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David G.

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In my opinion, BJ Stagner is one of the most professional men I have had the priveledge of knowing. He is a dear friend and a caring pastor. For someone to question his expertise and knowledge in his field of study is ridiculous. I have benefited from his skills and under his care have walked better than I have in years.



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