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Star Rating 9/2/2010
Having lived in Texas(Austin and Hill Country areas/San San Antonio) - which will always have part of my heart, and Europe for ten years, I amazed at the incredible beauty of coastal Oregon. If you desire a simpler life, stunning coastal views, great people, decent schools, overall good quality of life then southern coastal Oregon should be given a good look at to live. Would not hesitate if your in a position to have a second home. If starting out and have employable skills making a decent living - then would give it a thumbs up. Maybe this is just me, but a small problem seems to be that some Caifornians bailing out of their failed welfare state have begun to populate this state, as well as other places in US and have brought their welfare state mentality with them. They often will have a snotball attitude about entitled services that they should get. Another down side is fishing and logging industry collapsed and area is in need of other sustainable industries. Unfortunately, veterans services are lacking like many areas in U.S. and telephone service can be spotty away from town. Get used to not pumping your own gas and seeing advertisements for medical marijuana(so what). Oregon has a state income tax, but no sales tax. It is a bit more expensive to live overall, but is so beautiful with lots of recreational activities. If you are in need of specialized medical services or see a health care provider on a frequent basis, maybe think twice. Oregon is a "green" state relatively with lots of liberal sentiments. Rednecks for Obama, for example. Keep Portland Weird origins were from "Keep Austin Weird". So all you blubbering crybabies whining about Portland and wanting to leave, wherever you go there you are - "AMF" as they say in Texas.



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