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 Stephanie Seacord
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Star Rating 3/22/2010
I've lived in NH for 16 years. New Hampshire real estate taxes may not all be ideal -- but we have NO state income tax, NO sales tax and one of the highest safety ratings (crime rate is #47 of 50 states) in the country. Named in the CNBC rankings of "top states for doing business" as #1 for quality of life (#5 for education; #9 for business-friendly).

New Hampshire was the first to perform an outright act of insurrection in December 1774, was the first after John Hancock to sign the Declaration of Independence and -- as the 9th, majority-producing, state to ratify the Constitution was "the state that made us a nation."

We still have the first-in-the-nation Presidential Primary, are the only state to help an American President win a Nobel Peace Prize (see and allow citizens to own and carry guns. Our state legislature is the largest -- which gives us an effective ratio of 1 legislator for every 3000 or so citizens New Hampshire has four glorious seasons, ocean beaches, lakes, mountains, forests (2nd after Maine for coverage), colleges and fresh air.

Consider that Daniel Webster, Robert Frost, Alan Shepherd and Christa McAuliffe, Robert Rogers (of Rogers Rangers), Celia Thaxter, Bode Miller, Steve Tyler and Dr. Seuss all have deep New Hampshire connections and you realize that "Live Free or Die" is a slogan that means more than first meets the eye.



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