The "Alcoholic" State

 Shiloh Arrington
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Star Rating 5/25/2008
I've lived here in AZ for a total of 4 years and I can honestly say that the only thing keeping me here is my job. Originally from CT, job opportunities were slim pickings so when my boyfriend's parents moved out here and invited me I was ecstatic. I'm a non-drinker, and all I can say is that is all that this state thrives on especially if your are between the age of 16-50 (I'm 27).The DUI laws are really strict here because of the many accidents resulting from all of the drunks behind the wheel with too much open road in their hands.
If you enjoy going to the beach, guess what there are'nt any here(duh, it's the desert), but there are a few man made lakes scattered throughout AZ, and oh, you can drive 2.5 hours to see the Grand Canyon if that floats your boat. Other than that, to really get some entertainment you will take an 8 hour drive or a short plane flight to Vegas or L.A. People here are quite fake also, personality and physically speaking so use the term "friend" loosely.
Otherwise, if you want success and pleasant weather at least 8 months out of the year when the temperature is below 115 degrees, you'll really enjoy living here. Use your best judgement, I'm just opinionating!



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