Great place to live~ no racism here.

 Daniel wagster
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Star Rating 3/22/2010
Yeah, I live here and yeah, I'm white. My neighbor is Mexican (from Mexico), and his neighbor is black. A few doors down there's an Indian couple from India. Next to them is another black family (from Jamaica) and they have a monthly meeting in their house or yard to practice Voodoo. Nice people though, if a bit odd on those particular nights when they're wearing the robes and such...

In any case, I take offense to people saying Highlands Ranch is "very white" and you need to think that way to fit in. We're just people here and we all get along. I'm sure that as a community we make a bit more than other communities as on my street there's one lawyer and nine engineers. One of those engineers is Thai by the way.

Get off the "White" racism stick please!



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