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Alpha Class Global City.



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Michael K.

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I wager that those who gave a thumbs down on this comment don't even know what an Alpha Global City is, let alone that Metropolitan Chicago ranks as an Alpha Global City. This basically means Chicago is one of the world's top, most important cities in the global economic system. Metro Chicago is not only a global city it is an Alpha Global City, Chicago is ranked among the world's top-ten cities on each of five recently and seperately prepared rankings of the world's cities. Each of the five rankings of the worlds top cities employs somewhat different criteria/metrics to determine their rankings. Chicago is a world class city and of course there are socio-economic issues to be resolved as with any city the size of Chicago. One very positive factor for Chicago was a recent ranking which placed Chicago's freight and passenger rail system at number two in the world. The city's three commuter rail services, Chicago Transit Authority, Metra and South Shore Line comprise 700 miles of route, almost all of the 700 miles being two-way, double-track. This is an asset of incalculable value. Chicago was hard hit by the financial crisis and Great Recession, however, all of Chicago's downtown census tracts are experiencing healthy population growth. Chicago's transformation to an even greater Megacity continues from it's iconic downtown outward. Also let's not forget that Chicago has a dazzling location on the shore of an inland sea, Lake Michigan/Lake Huron, which is in surface area is the largest body of fresh water in the world. The Global City Of Chicago Ranks Number 6 In The World Based On The Composite Of Five Recently Released Survey Rankings Of The World's Cities. Search: "What Are The World's Most Economically Powerful Cities."



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