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Star Rating 7/18/2011
I don't usually reply to posts on line but have been scanning the Fort Collins site in a fit of homesickness... I loved that last comprehensive (and almost encyclopedic!) post about this sweet city. Very accurate in my estimation. I'm one of a bajillion non-natives who adopted Fort Collins as home and never, ever felt dissed or snubbed by the natives... as if I could even figure out who is native and who isn't. Who cares, is a better response to all that. To the contrary, Ft. Collins welcomes visitors, students, and diversity of all sorts. This is a small city that has a center and a cohesive sense of community - something so many places have lost in the sprawl of the second half of the last century, and something, I might add, we will all need again as the problems we have created in the world come home to roost and we have to again turn to each other for support and resources. I think Fort Collins is just about perfect for that sort of lifestyle - not to even mention everything already mentioned in terms of beauty, climate, education and culture, and outdoor fun everyplace you look. Oh, and if you love organic/healthy food you'll find it in stores (food co-op, Whole Foods, and elsewhere) and restaurants; your own garden will succeed here, too, with all the great sunny days. It seems I have not remedied my homesickness at all, now that I think of it!



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