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 Geena Smith
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Star Rating 11/15/2009
My 2 cents.
After wasting sevral years in Portland I ouldn't have put it better. This i the MOST accurate description. Smart you e getting your family out of there.I have seen it best descibed as "neanderthal liberals'and they love noting else then to fight with everone about anything.This is the place where people whose life h stalled and refuses t budge. AMBITION is hated and you will be despised if you have a happy energized and active life. Never seen anything like it.I never socialised unless with newcomers from the eastcoast or midwest. they soon left too.Drug crime downtown is out of control. police drive by and do nothing. 7 blocks from City all 14 year old meth heads mae and female soliciting and beg picked up mostly by 60ish men. Reality checkMy. A guy was being beaten by a very nasty street/drug addict downtown mercilessy at 4:30 pm and peopl just walked by looking away. It was shocking. I ended my management transfer that week and moved back to the midwest. Not worth it. While in employ in Portlan in dining establsihment I hadto hndle customers of all walks, suits, wealthy, hipsters nd all esle constantly trying to get food, sides, drinks for free. I have never experienced this anywhe else. Disgusting andit is like a game there. DO NOT work in the low standrad food industry in Portland. I had food pisoning 4x the first 2 years. The first in al my 40 years elsewhere.
For a city full of old hippies they did nothing but fight, fight, fight. Real negative city.Very poorly managedcity with 100% amateursrs for polticians/governor, all. Portland is a left behind kind of place because they want it that way. Ugh.



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