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Star Rating 6/14/2009
How are Southerners treated in Bozeman? I am in Alabama, lived in most of the Southern states, and am thinking of moving to Bozeman.

I lived in Michigan once and they didn't take too well to Southerners, Those folks were WEIRD! Hated it there.




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Leila s.

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Hi Southerner, Well I've been told Montanans are a mix of Midwest and Texans so you should be fine. I've also been told that though we are friendly, we aren't as phony as southerners (no offense). I have to disagree with Michelle. I have never used chains in my years here, five so far. I have never found people to care if you are out of state. They like or don't based on who you are. I've never had a problem with that. I don't know anyone who is anti out of staters. Anything that helps Bozeman grow is good to most business people. It's a great place to live although it is expensive. But in return you get to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a mild winter climate (having lived in Wisconsin, Bozeman is mild in comparison). And usually sunny. Good luck with your decision.



Michelle H.

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Bozeman natives hate outsiders esp those from CA & CO. Thats Ca & CO's fault. They moved up there to get away from all the progress in those states and then brought it with them and tried to implement those ways. Not many came up from the south. However, once they get to know you, you will be fine. They are quick to help anyone out of a jam. It is a great place to live but expensive. A 3bed/1bath apt in a fourplex will run you about 850.00 and single family home to rent is usually out of the price range for a working family, that runs about 1200.00 to about 1500.00 and I have seen higher.(upwarsd of 3K) They have a great saying that pretty much sums it up "you can't eat the scenery" Wages are low mostly due to it being a college town. But as a town there is a lot to offer. they have tried very hard to keep big box stores at bay.(They have them, they just don't like them messing up the charm of the greater Bozeman area) I have to commend them for that. As a result the downtown area is full of diversity and life. The schools are magnet schools for the most part. The weather is very nice. you can be in the mountains in July and its never above 75. BUT beware the brutal winters and always carry chains and a shovel. Plowing the streets are not a top priority and you can be snowbound for days even in the city proper. Hope that helps and best of luck.



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