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 Robert Kelleman
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Star Rating 7/22/2007
Like all places Corona has positive and negatives and whether or not you will like the place depends on what you’re looking for.

The housing, while expensive, is moderately priced based on Southern California standards and is much better than neighboring Orange County. Most of the newer areas were built within the last 20 years so a lot of areas are clean and in good shape. It seems to be a family oriented city with lots of nice subdivisions, all done in the California style. There’s quite a few chain stores and restaurants close by so it’s the typical CA metropolis suburb. The city is mostly on the grid system so it’s easy to navigate your way around. The view of the mountains is really nice and you can get to Palm Springs, Vegas, etc. easier than you can other areas around L.A. Neighboring Riverside has some additional attractions.

The main negative is that the air quality there is terrible, even by L.A. standards. Do your research on air quality before moving here (or anywhere in CA) or you’ll be sorry. Riverside County routinely ranks as having some of the worst air quality in the U.S. (but better than San Bernardino County) and breathing in this air 24-7 has to have long-term health affects. There’s a brown/gray haze that covers the area particularly in the summer. Summer weather can also get quite hot (much more so than the rest of L.A.) but at least it’s not humid. Traffic can be a killer on the 91 especially if you’re commuting east towards Orange County or L.A. I have no idea how people are able to make that commute each day. It’s also a long way from the beach during the summer weekend rush hour.

If you have to live in this area then Corona is by far the best place to be in Riverside County. If you can afford it Yorba Linda is in the O.C. and has better air quality. If you can live further south also check out Temecula.

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.




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Joyce L.

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Thanks for your honesty and recommendation of other cities. I may be offered a position in Laguna Beach and want to check out the area beforehand. I will look into Temecula and Yorba Linda. Please let me know about any other cities. Thanks again, Friend From Maryland



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