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 Nancy McFee
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Star Rating 9/30/2006
Anybody who would want to move to Hickory must be out of your minds. The scenery is nice, however, good paying jobs are hard to find. The job market is awful, the poor are just getting poorer, local businesses are suffering, etc. The nightlife here is non-existant. Our community college is overflowing because everybody is trying to go back to school to get a descent job. One perk. The real estate is cheap because there are more foreclosures in the paper than JOBS! I sincerely hope you think about your move.
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Charles L.

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I agree. I was born and raised in Hickory. I live outside of Augusta, GA now. Decent jobs are nearly impossible to come by unless one has a marketable skill that is in demand. Hickory will always be "home" but I could never live there again without winning the lottery. I, along with most of my family and friends in Hickory, would advise anyone looking to relocate to the area to think long and hard about it before doing it. Pretty scenery and good weather do not pay the bills.



drake n.

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My parents are thinking about retiring here, theyre going to visit first. But the thing that has drawn them to this area is the weather, i have it saved on my phone and every day looks great, especially compared to PAs weather. Your review is pretty old, so do you still feel that way about hickory? It is a bad place to retire to? All they want to do is live on some water with a boat, go to the state parks, and buy local organic produce, and get drunk. Is there another town with the same weather but "better" in any ways? Thanks



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