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 Jenn Roselli
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Star Rating 11/18/2007
Myrtle Beach is by far the worst place I have ever lived. Thier is no substance to it at all, and looking to get out of here very soon. Very dirty, trashy, full of crime and just an incredibly boring city. It would be the last place to raise a family, and I would feel that children would not be safe living here. Look at the statistics, and in fact heard today that as far as mid size cities -- it was the number one worst place to live. I am tired of looking at the "eagles" stores on every corner, and seeing a bunch of drunks hanging out in every part of town. The beaches are nothing to look at either, and even they have gone to pits. The only good thing is the "Carolina Opry", and maybe a few select restaurants in North Myrlte. Other than that, it is a pathetic town. I am sorry that I came here to live in the first place.



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I am moving to Myrtle Beach to a great area http://www.drhorton.com/South-Carolina/Myrtle-Beach.aspx, Your comment worried me so i started doing some reasearch into crime and the overall statistics of the area, and when i checked https://local.niche.com/myrtle-beach-horry-sc/ It goes into more detail there but they rated it quite well. I think maybe times have changed since you have lived there.



Cathy W.

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I feel very strongly about if you don't like where you live, then move. It's not that hard. It is a recreational town, a beach town, vacation spot, etc. Didn't you check this out before you moved to Myrtle Beach? People do ask for opinions on this site and you have every right to give yours. I'm not being mean, just wondering why you live there, when clearly you hate it. Same goes for Tyler too. I don't know what you read saying it was the worst city to live. It is in the top 10 cities to retire. Great restaurants, 32 golf courses, fantastic climate, and entertainment. I'm sorry you are so unhappy.



Randy K.

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We have lived in MB for three years, and like everywhere else, it has it's pluses and minuses. we love the beaches and the many terrific restaurants. my kids all finished high school here and are all doing well in College. Entertainment varies from the Branson like reviews, which we aren't that into, to our small but terrific symphony, which we love. There are also several small theater companies, an aquarium, and there are always lot's of local festivals, some better than others. There is almost always something going on at Coastal Carolina University as well.We are a rapidly growing area with some growing pains. Lots of traffic during tourist season, and increased crime during that time as well. Road expansion going on continually to keep up. On the other hand, more of a small town feel in the winter months. We do have quite a few tacky beachwear outlets, but they make quite a contribution to the local economy. We do have beach bums, mostly harmless old alcoholics stuck in the sixties. Anyone who says there is nothing to do is delusional. So again, a mixed bag, but all in all an enjoyable place to live.



There are worse places. We've bee stuck in the middle of Missouri for the last 10 years as of Sept 21st. Moving back to Myrtle Beach within the year. Believe me, even with the tourists and beach tackiness ( you just have to know where/when to go) it beats this place hands down. And, irony of ironies, I was raised in the Midwest. You'd think this place would be heaven for me.



Donald B.

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I fninally go someone to agree with me



Tyler G.

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Jenn is spot-on. The only good thing about Myrtle Beach is the prospect of leaving it. So glad I no longer have to see Wings or Eagles stores on every other block. What a dump.



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