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 Carol Simpler
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Star Rating 10/23/2011
The weather is awesome in summer(no place better). No air conditioner needed for most of summer. But it is cool to cold from September to May. Winter has about average 6 snows, with one being snow shutting down the mall. I like it a bit warmer.
The price of gas is always on the low side of average, but rent seems high.
Food prices are high average, and no tax on food. Utilities goes up and up each winter, and you'll use a lot of natural gas to heat your home from Sept-May. Oh, and if you happen to buy a summer house or whatever, do not turn your utilities off for more than two years because the city will charge tap fees and tariffs which cost me about $440.00. And then they need building inspectors to check all your services before they turn them on for about $50.00 per service, and they won't inspect until after you had a plumber and an electrician do their inspections, each costing about $350.00. Yeah, and then there was the Stormwater fee we all had to pay for. That was charging for the rain that fell on the square footage of your property per year. You cannot collect the rain or snow but you have to pay for it. Well, they did get rid of that fee because we didn't vote on it. Whew, glad it wasn't a tax.
I don't like living here very much. Men seem rude to women here in my opinion, but the water is the best I've ever tasted. I should bottle it and sell it. "Tap, the Springs" and recoup the money the city charged me and for not living in my house.



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