Thinking of Kentucky? Think again!

Star Rating 9/11/2016
Spot on Stephanie! I bought a beautiful historic home overlooking the Mississippi River thought it would be wonderful. Although the people seemed very friendly at first. gossip is all they are capable of talking about. Met so many people who can not read or write. So many of residents have been in jail or prison. (Wow) Even wealthy people in this small town are crooks and trashy. Everybody ripped me off! It's not an ignorant generization ITS TRUTH. Don't move to Commonwealth state either. Courts were crooked too!! I'm close to being out of here thank God!



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I think the "smart, educated, morally upright and refined" people who move to a community and voice terrible and vitreous comments about the local citizens, already had their own cemented prejudices before being forced by circumstances and lack of free choices, or ignorance (often dictated by limited education and low income frustrations, discontent marriage or bad divorce), to relocate to a place they never liked or know nothing about. Vitreous comments laced with anger and hate reflect own frustrations, now being splashed like mud at locals who are happy living their lives and loving their state. Many folks say bad thinks about Kentucky, but if you search "the most livable places in US" in terms of cost of living, universities, housing, weather, opportunity, Kentucky ranks high, even in real estate growth. The smart, angry and disturbed malcontents should try Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Gary Indiana, Detroit, Portland OR, Boston MA, such places, then explain why many of those other "smart and educated" folks from those states are fleeing to places like Kentucky and Tennessee. Chicago has lost almost a million people in the last three years alone. I love Kentucky. I wouldn't live anywhere else, even South of France!



I have found people to be dishonest and very manipulative. There seems to be no moral conduct that I deem appropriate in any way. It's been horrifying living in KY and I do not want to live here. My quality of life has been reduced to what I deem to be short of a horror movie. Nothing is pleasant here. My stay will be as short lived as possible pending on my husband's completing his professional commitments. I find the people unbearable, the city very ugly lacking culture and beauty. The climate is deplorable along with the air & water quality. The people are without any proper etiquette or moral standard. I will not aspire to meet anyone here for this reason alone. I'll be suffering here until I pack my bags! It is nowhere for me to live.



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