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 Nina Singleton
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Star Rating 12/14/2011
Thinking about relocating from Seattle. Was wondering what the main obstacles (besides the heat) we would encounter. Thanks!



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If I were you I would stay in Washington state or move to a smaller town in Washington or Oregon to get away from a big city like Seattle. I live here in Austin for six years and I really hate it here because its so damn hot and humid and don't feel like going outside. Traffic is awful here and its worse than Portland and Seattle. I have been to Washington and Oregon and I love those state because its so green and ocean is nearby, its was just awesome how beautiful Washington and Oregon is, so I would never move to Texas from Washington because for the most part of Texas is very ugly and not very green and no big mountains where you can go skiing. The people here in Austin are horrible because they are rude and a bunch of snobs and there are some nice people around. I know several people that move here from Oregon and Washington felt home sick and want to move back to Oergon and Washington because they regret moving to Texas and I really regret it so bad that I move near Austin from Arizona and before that I live in California and I miss California but I would like Oregon and Washington better because its cooler and greener. Yeah its may be sunny here in texas all the time but its makes it so hot here and suuny weather in Oergon and Washington is really nice because its does,nt feels so hot there in the northwest. If you really want to move out of Seattle Wa try to look at Colorado or Utah because I am afraid that you might hate it here in Texas. I am fixing to move to Washington or Oregon this July of 2012 because I just love it there and thinking of Olympia Wa.



Hey, I moved from Olympia to Austin about five years ago. The main difference is the heat and humidity. I adapted pretty quickly to both in Austin. I think my body just likes the warmth, more than the cold. The heat does get to you though. It's really draining. Most people stay indoors in the air conditioning though. Have a car w/ air conditioning, and the buildings have them already. Be prepared to have the air cranking all the time during the hot weather. If you turn the air conditioning off during the summer, within 15 minutes you'll be sticking to the couch if you're indoors. Not comfortable. The other thing that sucks is that it's not as pretty there as western WA. It wasn't green enough for me. It is nice when it rains there. It gets nice and green. It downpours then goes away, unlike WA's constant drizzle. A lot more thunder storms, which I like. Too crowded for me and too much traffic, but if you're from Renton or Seattle, you're already used to that. My main problems were the dryer weather, not being lush enough, and the crowds. I loved Austin in a lot of ways too though. It has a nice vibe to it on certain days, with certain weather, in certain places. I liked the downtown area, and the immediate area around there. I especially liked the side neighborhoods. Tree lined and peaceful. When you go further from the center of Austin, it's more urban sprawl with ugly apartments and buildings, and flat, boring wide roads, (reminds me of Tacoma, and Spanaway, which I hate). I do miss it there sometimes, and might visit again, but I don't think I'll move back there. You might like it there. If you can handle heat and humidity, give it a try.



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