PSL has gone to the gutter!

 Kelly Newland
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Star Rating 11/29/2006
Port St. Lucie is great if your hispanic and speak only Spanish. Houses are way overpriced, property taxes are astronomical, schools are horrible! I've lived here for 21 years, developers are now controlling situations. Forget it if you plan on going anywhere! Traffic is bumper to bumper. The roads weren't planned for the population as it was a swamp land deal. You should probably call this bubble boy town because everyone here lives in a bubble not realizing everything they do impacts the surrounding areas. On the positive side, the crime rate if fairly low. Enforcement in Port St. Lucie is completely based on traffic. God help you if your tail light is out! I know I sound extremely negative, but in the past 5 years everything in this city has gone downhill. We're getting out!!!



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Larry R.

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Well, I hope you move out soon cause we don't need people like you in the city. I think the city is great. #1 thing is crime rate is low. I love the fact that there are Hatians, Mexicans, Cubans, and anything else you can imagine here. It gives you a great mix of people, different cultures, and tons of great food. They speak English, just don't get frustrated. If they want to speak their own language to each other, thats fine, but they still speak English to me. I haven't had any problems at all. Actually, my taxes went down, and it is really low now. The schools are great! We have a new high school a few miles from my house that everyone in the county is trying to get in to, so something is being done rights there. To top that off, we have three new chater schools that were just built and opened last summer. To the other people who wrote in, if you expect to move into a city and raise your children and have them live their life and die there, you are entirely crazy. You have been spoiled living in NYC where there is every industry you can imagine. Personally, I hope ky kids go to school and get a job anywhere in the world they want to and not be so selfish to want to keep them near where I live. In fact, that is one of the things that people in PSL HATE. We wish all of the NEW YORKERS would go back to NY or someplace else. As far as traffic, well, this is not Sunny Side Acres where population is 15. It is a mid sized growing city. As such, there are going to be growing pains. I believe those have been overcome. PSL has poured tons of money into the roads in the last few years completing several very large projects on time with one more large project nearing completion. We have completed the Crosstown Parkway, a connection linking one of the busiest residential areas to I-95. We have added a FL Turnpike interchange at Becker Road, which is near the other large residential area. We have added an I-95 interchange to Beck Road as well, which makes Becker Road the ONLY road in PSL that links the Turnpike and I-95, very reminiscent of other roads like Indiantown Rd. in Jupiter and Okeechobee Blvd. in WPB. This is certainly going to be a large development area once the 4-6 lane road running between the two interchanges is complete, which is scheduled for later this year. To top that off and a kudos to the southern part of the city (between PSL Blvd. and Becker Rd.), Publix has reecently opened the largest Publix ever built and it is spectacular. PSL has also reecently finished building 3 or 4 more Fire Stations in the newly developed areas of the city, complete with new engines. Tradition has delevoped nicely beyond a recidential area with a Publix, which is what it was in the beginning. There are large shopping ares there to keep residents from the western parts of the city from having to drive out to U.S. 1. They have also brought in a Biotech Research corporation who build and opened their facility just north of Tradition on the west wide of I-95. The road is already in works and almost complete to link Tradition to Becker Road past the Biotech Research facility on the west side of I-95. This will be a great accomplishment and is going to open up the west side of I-95 to development. This is going to be great for the city. To the north of Tradition, the Crosstown Parkway I mentioned earlier has been linked on the west side of I-95 with St. Lucie west and the PGA course and hotels on the west side of I-95 at St. Lucie West. And on the subject of St. Lucie West, new shops along with a Staples and several restaurants was opened west of the Wal-mart Plaza on the north side of St. Lucie West Blvd.. There are already plans in the works to continue the Crosstown Parkway from its end, at Airoso, to U.S. 1 near the new Civic Center. Again, while we're on the subject, the new Civis Center is amazing and a great asset to the city. There are tons of activities and a very nice gym in the Civic Center. There has been other new shops and restuarants open up south of PSL Blvd. and west of the Turnpike. West moreland Blvd. construction has been completed to give relief for the U.S. 1 and PSL Blvd. traffic problem by providing an alternate route to go south on U.S. 1. A new Golden Corral has opened up on U.S. 1 just south of PSL Blvd.. It has been packed out the door since it opened. I can go on and on, but the bottom line is development in this city is booming, even thru the housing and economic crisis and that says something about the robustness of the city. The city is doing its best to keep up and in my opinion, they are doing a pretty good job at doing it. I would gladly pay even more taxes to the city if it would help develop, clean, and beautify the city even more. I feel the city does a great job with the beautification of the major corridors. The roads here are very well maintained. Re-surfacing is just about to start on PSL Blvd. and I was thinking, it doesn't need it, why are they doing it? More power to them. To many of the people complaining below about the languages and people and the cost of living etc. Well, all I can say is that you may have been to man ystates, but you apparently haven't been to many countries because just because you know a language, doesn't mean you have to speak it. I can assure you that those people speaking whatever they are speaking knows English. They just choose not to let YOU know what they are saying. Heres another idea... Why don't you close minded people get yourself some Spanish lessons and try to broaded your horizons a little. Then the next time you move into a Spanish speaking area, maybe you can get a job making more than $8.50/hour by being bi-lingual. Education is important. There are hardly any service type jobs here. Because there are already thousands of people doing those jobs. If you are coming in new, you either need to be retired, or educated or you're not going to get a job. Welcome to the age of everyone went to college. If you have a HS diploma, you should probably stay where you are at and keep your job and tell your kids about PSL once they graduate college, we would love to have them. I am an engineer, make over $100,000/yr only 4 years out of college and think its about par for the course. Florida is a unique state. There is ALOT of money in Florida. If you don't have any, you probably won't be very happy here. I hope to live and prosper here and grow with the city. Lets see, what else, well, the hospitals here are great. They have saved my life twice. One of my children was born here. I have been very satisfied with the healthcare available. As far as things to do, well, we don't have Broadway but we do have lots of small local theaters that have shows all the time. Tons of movie theaters exist. The beaches are very nice. Hutchinson Island has about 20 beaches between Stuart and Ft. Pierce, only a few of them are used frequently. This leaves the others as almost private beaches. I love that! We have nuclear power, setting an example for the entire US. Come on, lets dump dirty coal! As for the code enforcement, well, they are doing their job. If some a-hole like D below, was parking nasty cars in their yard and letting their grass grow to my knees near my home, I would hope that code enforcement stop by and pay him a visit. Code enforcement is there to protect everyone. If people run amock, their homes will have modifications that are not up to snuff, leading to fires, eetc which only spends more tax payer money due to their negligence. Thats the reason you need permits to do many repairs to your home, to make sure they're doing it right. AMEN! I know I call code enforcement every time I see grass too tall or trash laying around because it causes rodent and snakes to come around. Nobody needs that. Oh yeah, trash. Trash control is the best. The city does not want to be filthy like NYC. So, we have trash pickup twice a week, recycling pick up once a week, and yard waste pickup once a week. If you use the trash pickup, there will be less bugs and rodents hanging around because your trash won't be sitting around very long. Recycling is great, I have two overflowing bins every week so I know lots of people aren't doing it becasue I see lots of not so full bins. PLEASE RECYCLE!!! The BEST thing is that your trash bill is included in your taxes. This ensures that nobody in the city has a bunch of trash laying around because they didn't pay their trash bill. I thought this was the most wonderful idea ever when the city council voted on it and I prayed that it passed. If you don't pay, they put a lein on your house. I fully agree with that because if you can't afford your trash, you shouldn't have a house. Oh yes, insurance. Well, it is closely related to code enforcement. If your house is not built up to the latest Hurricane building code, then you SHOULD pay high insurance. Your house is much more likly to come apart and damage everyone elses stuff during a hurricane. If your house is new and up to code, I can give you an example of myself on my $350,000 property, I pay $939 per year. I think it is a great price. Have good credit and keep your home up to code and your insurance will be cheap also. As I think about it, it seems like most people are complaining that they can't slip by and pay nothing. Great, the plan is working. Keep your stuff up, work hard, do what your supposed to do and you will be good. Try to move in and slip by and not do things the right way, and you will pay. Have a great day, I know I will, its gonna be a great weekend with temps at 85. I think I'll take the boat out and catch some fresh Mahi for dinner. Signed, Very satisfied PSL resident



Pattie C.

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I have to agree with all you said. We came here in 9/01 and we loved it just the way it was. Now the roads are wider, for what i don't know and there's a light every few ft!!! Not good for gas at it's present price!!! The police here are not the brightest either..We have a criminal on our block who along with his gf has been harassing us and destroyed our pool and because we didn't "see" it, we couldn't do anything about it..We have told the police about all the harassment and they do nothing..We had 2 neighbors, a few feet from each other that killed themselves and we had a drive-by shooting..this all happening within 3 yrs..everything has changed in a matter of 3 yrs with tons of ppl moving in..not good ppl..but thank God, they move fast as there are tons of foreclosures..



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