High Desert Area of Calif. vs. Round Rock, Texas

 Bonnie Pohl
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Star Rating 7/13/2010
We live in the High Desert Area of California and have seen it change significantly over the last 20 years. In the 90's it was a community where everyone wanted to live, and could afford to, but there was no work available.People came here because of the size of property you could buy at a very affordable price. Now it's a community where no one wants to live and still can't afford to leave because there hasn't been any work for several years. Foreclosures are at a high rate and businesses are closing down. We don't see any relief in sight. Our son took his family, and a big chance, and just overnight relocated to Round Rock, Texas, where both he and his wife found work almost immediately. they are still employed today. Our granddaughters go to a small local school where there are still after school programs and Saturday school for kids needing specific help with studies. Teachers stay after class to help a student instead of clearing out as the bell is still ringing. My granddaughters 5th grade class is about 26 students and kindergarten is less than that. Our son bought a really nice older home, about 1300 sq ft, two story, in a quiet neighborhood for around $130,000. His home here was 900 sq ft and sold for $150,000 in a closed neighborhood with lots of problems. In Texas, the kids have a water park every couple of blocks and the kids are never bored with free stuff to do for entertainment. A movie here in our area starts at$6.50 for a matinee and there is nothing to help entertain kids between 8-18. Even our mall has lost a lot of stores over the past two years. I think our son made a wise choice in his relocation. My husband and I are considering relocating there in about a year as we still have other obligations here to finalize before we can make such a move. I never thought I would want to leave California, I was transplated here about 50 yrs ago with my parents. I know I don't want to be here anymore.



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