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Amarillo, TX

Amarillo Texas, Sucks.
- 9/1/2019
You are 100% spot on

Amarillo, TX

A REAL opinion + Facts
- 12/28/2018
Jobs maybe plentiful but they don't pay well. I have a BBA and the best job I can get pays just less than $30,000 a year. I also think you are underestimating the crime rate in this town violent crime as well as property crime is practically double the national average.

Amarillo, TX

re: Amarillo Texas is a ridiculous place to live.
- 3/25/2017
Stacy, I couldn't have said it better myself. I have lived hear for over 13 years and am finally relocating to the Austin area this summer can't wait to get out.

Round Rock, TX

Relocation to Round Rock Area - 10/2/2016
I plan on relocating from Amarillo to Round Rock or one of the suburbs north of Austin with my wife and kids. I would like to know what people can tell me about the job market in the Austin , Tx. We plan on moving to the area June of 2017 . I will by that time have a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration along with an Associates in management. I just want to know how hard it is to find good employment in the Austin area or is it easier .

San Marcos, TX

re: San Marcos Rocks! - 5/18/2011
- 3/19/2016
That is the most brutally honest review Ive seen yet. LOL

Lockhart, TX

re: living in lockhart - 2/5/2009
- 6/17/2012
I am considering relocating and starting a business there. I have heard many good things. I love the idea of living in a small town near a big city. Can you tell me what does Lockhart have as far as entertainment venues ie: movie theaters, bowling centers, pool halls ect

Amarillo, TX

In closing - 4/5/2012
All in all , if my wife and I didn't have two small children we would leave like yesterday. If you want to move to Texas , there's lots of great places Amarillo isn't one of them.

Amarillo, TX

re: Life in Amarillo - 2/12/2010
- 4/5/2012
You must have been payed by the chamber of commerce

Amarillo, TX

Amarillo: the good, the bad and the ugly - 4/5/2012
I've lived hear for nine years so hear's my objective opinion on Amarillo
The Good- Despite what others have said the people hear are very hospitable and welcoming of outsiders. I've made several friends hear and met my wife hear as well.With two interstates running through town Amarillo is a very easy city to get around. Also, if you like barbecue , mexican and asian food , there are plenty of good restaruants to choose from.Finally despite the complaints the winters hear are actually pretty mild but then again I'm originally from Indiana.
The Bad- Where as Amarillo has several barbacue, mexican and Asian restaruants too choose from , nothing else much other than your typical chains. The local music scene is horrible. Our so called baseball team barely registers as a minor league team. They play in a semi - pro league with no affiliation to a major league team.The air service from our "International" airport is a joke. There are only three air carriers to choose from so the selection of flights is poor and the air fares are extremely high compared to other cities. There is no Amtrack servive . On the rare occasions that it does snow the streets are a mess because no won in this town knows how to run a snow plow. On the few occasions that it rains the streets are a mess because the drainage system is pathetic. Road conditions are less than adequate and crime has been getting worse. Amarillo, also, has one of the worst teenage pregnancy rates in the country. Sure there are plenty of jobs but none of them pay anything.Oh did I mention the wind blows , forget Chicago , Amarillo is the windy city.
The Ugly- Amarillo is a depressing looking city with it's dust and yellow grass (only Lubbock is worse). Amarillo is far way from everywhere and close to no where( literally stuck in the middle of no man's land). Also, this town is run by a silent but arrogant political machine that's comprised of the city commission , the mayor and the local newspaper which acts as ministers of propaganda for the powers that be.

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