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 Lorin Smith
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Star Rating 8/27/2011
I have read comments regarding how great Cary and Raleigh are; however, I disagree tremendously. Cary is very dull and the area is going down hill fast. The education is not great at all compared to other states. Wake County has a lot to improve on. Had I known that the county eliminated textbooks in the school budget, I would have not moved here. How can a student learn without a textbook to refer to one when needed? How can a Teacher effectively develop curriculum without a textbook? My child has not adapted to the block schedule either. Also, identity crime is very high in this area and yes, the housing may be affordable, but the food is priced way too high. What good is it to have a beautiful home and you are starved from eating mac n cheese all the time? I am not sure if many people know this, but NC is no. 9 with Seniors going hungry everyday-very sad! In general, many people come south to retire or to improve their quality of life, but even the elderly can't retire and relax because the cost of living is so high here! Also, the weather isn't that great. Tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, too much to worry about every year for my taste.
Please do your research and don't always fall for the stats. Sure, this is heaven if you do come from NY, NJ, or another costly crime ridden state on the east coast,west coast, etc., but even with this, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. This is still the South and I really don't see much progression-this is true for NC's sister state SC too. There are other parts of the US that are more beautiful and affordable. All the best to you if you still come here. I will be leaving soon.



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Matthew G.

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As a North Carolina resident for my entire life (21 years), I'm not sure that this person actually does live in Cary. North Carolina NEVER gets earthquakes, only gets very minor tornadoes on the occasion that it does happen, there are no hurricanes as far inland as Cary, and it does rain more than some other places but floods are not much concern to us. If this reviewer actually did live in Cary, I can assure anyone reading that they would not have experienced an earthquake.



Lorin H.

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To Matthew and Tom-not sure if they are even your real names. Nevertheless, you both sound like the typical residents, whether new or native, that has not experienced beauty and quality of life-especially thinking that NC is great! Matthew-there was an earthquake/tremor in the year of 2011-research it! It was felt all-over as far as Philadelphia! And in regard to Hurricanes, there was one when I arrived late September in 2010, and it was an earthquake announced on the news the same the same year as the tremor. Flooding is DEFINITELY an issue. As for Tom, it seems as if the truth hurts-you were so anxious to log in and insult that you can't even spell! Lastly, you do not know if the person was going back to their hometown, etc, thus why they were moving! Use common sense and critical thinking! The weather is not great! I shouldn't expect much more by way of opinions from someone who likes NC or the South in general! This review and Mercedes were spot on! No where is utopia, but NC doesn't even come close. What I stated were facts, not opinions-again, Google the inclement weather dates I referenced and textbooks, etc. regarding the County and their textbooks. Sorry you both have a lower level of comfort when it comes to living and having an education.



Michele k.

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I'm glad I read your post. I'm looking to retire in a nice area with low crime. From what I read, the cost of living seems high. Just curious where were you looking to move to that's more affordable? Are there any particular states that have a low cost of living and good weather? Florida perhaps? All states will have some kind of weather problem. Florida has hurricanes! It's hard to find the best of both worlds. Good Luck!



You're obviously crazy. The weather is great, there are plenty of things to do, homes are preiced well and it's a clean and safe place to live. Curious to know what Utopia you cam from and which one you plan on moving to. And you say the grass isn't greener on the other side, but you are moving. That doens't make amy sense!



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